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Fighting bedsores

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Why do we use than it is argued, and what we will face krastko Replyout in this paper.

The human body - is a unique complex and perfect structure, the product of thousands of years and thousands of years of evolution. Its possible, we do not even know half despite the fact that the level of our development today is greater than ever. It consists of a variety of body large and small systems, organs, each of the kotoryh plays an important role in the overall process. All this is in constant motion and functioning harmoniously and when the person moves freely. But, even with all its perfection (visible and invisible), the body is still vulnerable to a large number of diseases, trapping him at every step. Naturally, the disease bHandy discord, because one can simply bring temporary discomfort (eg, common cold), and the other person can permanently chained to the bed (eg, stroke, heart attack, post-operative condition, injury, etc.). And here begins the definition of the problem, because in addition to that we have to fight with the disease and its consequences, on the face eschie one rather important point - the lack of movement over a prolonged period.

What threatens immobility and bedsores what?

We have already mentioned that for the normal functioning of the body movement is important, both literally and figuratively. Each of us must have heard the phrase "motione - life "and its modern relevance, in view of the general sedentary (office) way of life. This way of life, sooner or later leads to the development of many specific diseases and disease states. It is dangerous to the lack of movement in the case, when in fact the patient can not move, chained to a hospital bed or home shelterminute. In this case, we are talking about the so-called local effects of immobilization or bedsores. As it is known, when we lay our skin and subcutaneous layers in its place of contact with a bed or other surface subjected to a force equal to the weight of the person. At this point, the skin layers are compressed, complicating the bloodstream. If a person is a long timesmiling in the same position, that is experiencing a load the same areas of the skin, it inevitably leads to the fact that began to develop necrotic processes, due to the long and constant compression of the skin layers and the actual cessation of circulation in them. Consequently, all of the nutrients that should act to continue theI'm a normal cell activity, and do not enter the cells gradually die, forming necrotic foci - bed sores.

anti-decubitus mattresses

In order to prevent the development of pressure sores, it is necessary constantly to prevent overvoltage of individual regions of the skin. In a situation where a person is constantlyand it is not independently able to do in a medical practice to use special anti-bedsore mattresses. In fact, they are inflatable mattress section type, that is separated or a pipe, or a diamond-shaped mesh section, filled with air. Unlike conventional inflatable mattresses that areXia static, anti-bedsore mattresses - dynamic. Each of the air chambers of the mattress is connected by air with a compressor that is used in accordance with the program, alternately change the air pressure in the different sections, thereby preempting constant static stress in certain areas of the body.

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