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We care about the health of a "Avimed"

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Human Health - the highest value, it depends on the quality of life. Very often for the pinRola for some parameters of the body (pressure, blood sugar levels), or for procedures (inhalation) people in addition to regular visits to the doctor have to resort to the help of specialized medical devices designed for home use.

A wide range of health products Islandsm online store offers "" range which, through direct cooperation with leading manufacturers from Japan, Switzerland, the UK and other countries, will be able to solve any problem. Products for health and rehabilitation, implemented an online store "Avimed" are of high quality, guaranteed productivityThelema. Managers of the company will not only provide professional advice on your product, but also help you choose accessories or related products.

Pressure monitoring (blood pressure)

monitoring the blood pressure will no longer be a problem ifYou will gain a tonometer. Turning shop "Avimed", you can choose the device taking into account the relevant characteristics and capabilities. The right choice will help you understand who will use the device. If the person who will carry out the measurement of pressure, has medical skills, it is possible to do of mechanicalskim tonometer. Semi-automatic blood pressure monitors are suitable for young people, since the use of this instrument must be self-inject air into the cuff, as well as in mechanical. For the elderly and infirm will be the preferred choice of automatic tonometer. Automatic blood pressure cuffs can be calculated with nand the arm or wrist, their information is displayed in multiple lines in large numbers in the memory can store several tens of measurements. Some models of devices in addition to the data on blood pressure and pulse output indicators signal the arrhythmia. For people with vision problems suggest talking blood pressure monitors that give voice to RESULTAta measurements.

Help with respiratory diseases (inhalers)

For the effective treatment of respiratory diseases, especially in children, doctors recommend the use of inhalers. These devices make it possible to increase the efficiency of absorption of drugs by converting andh vapor or aerosol. Company "Avimed" is in the range of steam, compression and ultrasonic nebulization. The scope of the proposed inhaler may include masks for children and adults, a nozzle for nasal lavage. Carry out procedures with the children will be easier if you select the inhaler designed in the form of small animals.

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