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The need for dental treatment

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Clean teeth are afraid of both children and adults. But treatment can not escape it, sooner or later have to treat the aching tooth. Good EUDo you have inherited good teeth, and you begin to treat them much later than the others, but still have to apply to the dentist. And, of course, it is better to apply early to avoid big problems and even possible loss of the tooth. Today, thanks to modern technology, even with the loss of a tooth, the experts will help you not chuvstvovats uncomfortable and make your smile beautiful.

What can cause the loss of even one tooth?

If anyone thinks that the loss of even one tooth does not break anything, he is very much mistaken. Even if a person is missing one tooth chewing, it greatly affects the process laneezhvyvanie food, which leads to serious violations of the entire digestive system. When a tooth is missing, the remaining teeth on the load is increased, which can cause periodontal disease. And with the loss of several teeth, you may have a dislocation or subluxation of the jaw joints. As we can see the loss of even one tooth leads to serious problems for cheloveka.

Dental Implants – an excellent solution to the problem

In the past except to install a removable jaw dentists had nothing to offer. Removable jaw many causes very unpleasant feelings. Gums are inflamed and constantly rubbed. In addition, holders of dentures constantly worriedhow not to lose your dentures. Many are concerned about the presence of a foreign body in the mouth. Today, we offer a whole new approach to solving the problem of restoring teeth – it implants. Implants — a metal pin made of a titanium material more compatible with the human body. This pin is screwed to the topnyuyu or lower jaw, thus replacing the tooth root. Then the dentist installs on top of the crown or bridge, thereby replacing the lost tooth. Sign up for possible implantation in the clinic Dental Way, or fill out the form on the link.

The main advantages of implantation

  • Firstly, when the implant is not necessary to grindosednie teeth. It often happens that in order to establish a bridge is necessary to grind neighboring teeth and they are sometimes perfectly healthy.
  • Second, you are setting the implant uniformly load the jaw, especially by avoiding bone atrophy. &Nbsp;
  • In the third, the implants are aesthetic, and in view of modern technologylogy and the work of professional dental implants will not be different from your own.
  • In the fourth, implants, is the replacement of dentures.

DentalWay clinic in Moscow

For successful solutions to dental implants, you can refer to a specialist clinic, you are qualitativelyfull of all the work. Although implant will cost you is not very cheap, but the result of weight gain all expectations. All work on the implant have a warranty period. Also, if you need to install several implants, you can use the special offer. After installing the implants you do not need special care for them, the main conditions should beto be a need for hygiene and visit the dentist at least twice a year.

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