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Types and forms of yeast

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Candida bacteria are directly contained in the body of any person, butand while you can certainly do not feel any discomfort in your body. Simple   normally they are directly controlled by the content of other unique, beneficial bacteria.
A very common form of vaginal itself is a thrush. However, it is not only a young woman, but it could be arasivogo young man. It called modern yeast infection of the genitals or just thrush in men it is not uncommon, and it affects those who have it the foreskin of his penis cut off just - in fact it moist and sensitive environment is favorable for the development of the sphere is all bacteria .

What are the symptoms of yeast infection in young men?

In the development of yeast in their bodies manifests itself in men the most unpleasant genital itching, discharge from the penis itself, the entire skin redness or rash just fine. When the urination and even during sexual intercourse pleasant observationalIt is very uncomfortable and unpleasant pain. Other same grounds directly related smegma - a curdled slime with a very sharp and unpleasant smell for you. It is a consequence of its appearance as a simple yeast, and non-compliance is very basic hygiene rules.
In most of these cases, the disease thrushfrom handsome men just do not accompanied by any other symptoms, and even just shortly pass. Sometimes the   the absence of proper treatment for you the head of your penis is covered by a complex and small recesses, or in some cases, nodules. You simply have to take it a rule: if your sexual partner By directtively in the active phase of the disease occurs such as thrush, is immediately   treatment in hospital or at home should take place both as a preventative measure it for you.

The treatment of such diseases like thrush in men.

Once you have the first symptoms of the disease, doctors directlyI recommend to address to the urologist and undergo your designated inspection.
The treatment of yeast infections in young men lies in the local application of special ointments for antifungal action. You do not know - The ointment is applied directly to two times a day and for about 1-2 weeks. And after a few days of sune symptoms difficult thrush usually just disappear. But you definitely need to finish all the medication because otherwise a recurrence of such an infection does not take very long to wait. Besides a simple ointment can also use ordinary natural yoghurt but notice   without any harmful additives and dyes.
During treatmentOia is desirable to bring you all his sex life to a minimum, but if necessary, or just neterpezhi least protected by a simple condom. It is directly recommended in the following weeks after recovery, to prevent re-infection complicated thrush. In addition, you need to refrain   fromreceiving all alcohol, try to just give up on acute food for you, until all the symptoms have disappeared and will not bother you.

Prevention of re-infection of the thrush.

It is to this disease did not come back, you have to stick to very   simple profilePractical measures for you. Try to simply eat less carbohydrate foods directly sweets and yeast products. Wear all linen from natural fabrics, and synthetic is not bad - in this case the risk of thrush will be difficult for you to just the minimum. If, and these measures do not help, and thrush are concernedYou just 3-4 times a year, you should immediately consult a doctor. He will conduct all examinations, the result of which may be other hidden diseases.

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