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Handbook of Artlife company

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Handbook of Artlife company

Handbook of Artlife company
At a warehouse in the Tomsk came the most awaited publication of Artlife 2011 - a handbook: Biologically active complexes and functional food products of  Artlife company in the treatment and prevention of diseases.

This is a bright multi-collection, which includes:
prevention and correction of disorders of human body systems (cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, respiratory, etc.).
• Principles of healthy eating;
a comprehensive detoxification program;
• Experience in the use of drugs based on silver, tea tree oil, a comprehensive program of individual and cosmetics phytocomplex Artlife.

Correction program of health, suggested in the manual are based on years of practical experience with nutraceutical and para-pharmacy-based medical institutions in Russia and CIS.

Order a handbook on the stock of service!

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