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How to hold a date with a girl?

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A lot of guys hurts legitimate question "how and where to spend first date with a girl you like? ". More responses to it can be found on the website.

The first place is occupied by active catory associated with physical activity. For example, it's dancing or skating, or cycling. If you spend your active travelers, this is a very good thing, because you have all the opportunity to continue your meeting. We need to do something that brings pleasure, then you are going to be fun, and you to just drive will carry a charge.

This is a very good way to show to be a good and fun   hand, only when you are well able to skate or dance. The main thing is that you do not fear, and e shy, and were always ready with a passion and a sense of humor to explore new ways of active life (remember,that targeted, active and interesting guys are always attracted more women).

Visits cafes and restaurants

This option is suitable for everyone, including students. But this place has a big disadvantage. Today, a lot of girls believe that it is not liking. They think that this prizeNAC that guy have insecure. That is, if you took the girl in a restaurant, you do not zainteresuesh it, and besides, it's corny. Few people know that it is not. When a guy has invited you to a restaurant, it is definitely of interest to you and wish to enjoy.

A good one is and cafes. Also itperfect to continue dating if you first well interest the girl, then your first date may be delayed for a couple of hours. Walking through the streets for hours every person, of course, that tired, and that's when you need to go to a cafe and have a cup of tea in the winter or in the summer pore cafe to drink juice or lemonade.

The brighter you will spend your first date with a girl, then the more you will have opportunities that she will fall in love from you. And if it happens that you have to marry her, then after a couple of years you'll be laughing with you have had a good first joint meeting!

If you decide to setIT girl at a cafe or a restaurant, you should take into account several factors. It is, first of all, about whether you have the money. If so, then you can move on. The second equally important fact that you need to pre-book a table at a particular restaurant or cafe, because it often happens that when you come s girl is FREEPlaces-period no. And bummer. But there are also cases where there are empty seats, but it is very rare. In particular, a good institution.


So, if you do not know where the girl drives, then, first of all, you need to focus on your money, but rather on how much you racesYou are reading. I believe that a good first roll on the bike, and then go to the cafe. This brings you to the very moral terms. Next is will be seen as appropriate. If you like your companion, it will still have the desire to walk away with you.


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