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Phlebectomy in the treatment of varicose veins

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Phlebectomy - a unique   stage treatment of painful varicose veins following the simple therapeutic. For more information about this procedure can be For many people, it becomes a big problem just as he was missed during medical and conservative treatment of inattention to his constant illnesses. Unless, of course, guided by the chic folk wisdom about caring drowning, then surely it is important, with all the expertise ofthe varicose veins, all ahead of the development of this insidious and painful disease.

Obvious indications for painful flebektomii are:

  • Visual neotemlimoe definition of the pattern of your subcutaneous veins show through directly swelling.
  • The coverage of large varicose leg to the knee and is evenabove.
  • Large stagnation of blood in your feet when standing position immediately.
  • The feeling of great fatigue in the legs, as well as the constant swelling.
  • The appearance of it on the feet of trophic ulcers, can not be easily treated.
  • Unpleasant persistent pain in your feet.
  • The feeling unpleasant burning sensation on the masterlam veins.

This operation is prohibited when flebektomii

contraindications to surgery itself are:

  • The stable and high blood pressure, or hypertension.
  • cardiac ischemia.
  • Do not Compartment infectious processes.
  • Advanced age, reduced immunoordre.
  • very late stages of pregnancy itself (II – III trimester).
  • Inflammatory burning processes on your feet on the type of erysipelas, or eczema.

  References to and even after phlebectomy

  • A proper diet, rich in pectin and fiber, without much to overeatIa.
  • Preferences take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • The morning bike rides.
  • swimming in any body of water good.
  • Preferences is a convenient and high-quality shoes.
  • Giving up smoking bad.
  • Always supervise their own weight.
  • Cocktails from natural herbs, for example, odorousacacia, or, good St. John's wort and nettles.

Well, of course,   If you have had such a painful phlebectomy, do not give up all these rules. To carry out all the recommendations needed after phlebectomy to directly prevent the return of this terrible disease. Norma-operative is dues just be a walk in the fresh air, high-quality physical therapy sessions, a unique contrast shower, the whole thought of the food and diet. etc.   Otherwise, such a patient waiting for a very unpleasant and difficult to deal with complications.


Considering that badtheir chronic diseases affected veins is up to 50% living on Earth. And this is just only the official statistics, which allows for treatment directly to good doctors. And as there are those who directly believes that such fatigue in the legs, it's just a cramp and « Stars » which is a temporary phenomenonm! Remember that in developed countries, where 25% of the current working population itself need constant monitoring quality specialist phlebologist such unique vascular surgery has become very recent and radical method of struggle for good foot health of any patient.

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