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Treatment of cervical

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Treat yourself and your health can not disregard. Visit the gynecologist at least once a year should all women,and ideally – preferably two. But if you conduct a survey, it appears that a very small percentage of women arrives so. Many people think that if you do not bother, then there is no reason to visit the gynecologist. The procedure can not be called a pleasant viewing. In addition, there is a great distrust of our medicine, everyone knows, the occurrence of such inspections. Hof such views are wrong.   The realities of life are such that almost every woman suffers from a disease of the cervix. This disease is so dangerous that it is often not evident: no discharge, pain, disorders of the cycle. Consequently, many women are naturally required.

It seems that everything is OK, and the doctor makes a diagnosis: "ErosionIa ". So do not delay the campaign to the doctor. Today it is possible to choose the doctors and the clinic. You do not have to go to the district as if he does not appeal to you, and you do not trust him. Health is more important. And to diagnose and begin treatment at an early stage, it – a positive result.

For most maleyshee breach cervix tissue structure may lead to cancer. This disease is not uncommon in our dni- it ranks third in the incidence of genital organs. And the average age of women who develop this nedugom- 52 years. And most often it occurs in women in the 35-39 years and 60-64 years.

What Causes Cervical

It is difficult to answer why there was this or that disease, everyone is there on – different, it all depends on the body, its features. But among the most common reasons should be made:

  • Infectious mainly transmitted during sex;
  • violation mikroflOra vagina;
  • abortion or other deferred surgery;
  • use of contraceptives (spirals);
  • a weakened immune system.

Treatment of diseases

Today, the possibility of medicine is very high, especially in the field of gynecology. But first you need to properly andascertain the cause of the disease and try to fix it. Treatment of inflammatory processes, hormonal and immunological disorders. In some cases, this is enough, but it is only when the disease has not been crushed. But more often it requires longer treatment.

  • Firstly, it is possible to apply medicamentsointments and tampons.   But today use tampons is not recommended, since their effectiveness is low.
  • Second, the possible chemical removal hearth disease, moxibustion. But this method is applicable only on the surface of the affected tissues.
  • In the third, electrocoagulation. A very effective way, but it is not contraindicated rozhavshthem women, since the scar is formed, and the neck loses its elasticity.
  • In the fourth, the treatment with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy) - painless, does not leave scars.
  • In the fifth, laser therapy. It features high efficiency, almost does not cause complications after use.
  • In sixth, radiowave surgery. &Nbsp; It hirurgicheskaya technique using radio waves.

  Women's health is very important. For woman- our generation is the future, and on what it will be, how physically healthy and will generally depend on the women of her reproductive functions of its health.

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