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What are the gynecological services?

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In many offers comprehensive and individual approach to all women in thezrastov and with various gynecological problems. You give expert help on issues:

  • Family Planning;
  • diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory diseases;
  • Contraception;    
  • The definition of hormonal therapy and hormonal imbalances in women;
  • Identifiedie the causes and treatment of miscarriage;

In the case of menopausal disorders

Also, each center offers the following gynecological services:
General and gynecological exam that includes examination of the external genitalia, cervix in the mirrors, bimanual (manual) Examination of the womband and appendages, breast examination.

Study of bacterial flora

Bacteriological studies - identifies pathogens. It is necessary to clarify the diagnosis the appropriate method of treatment, and to determine urAries microflora sensitivity to different drugs.


cytology - a scraping, which consists of the cervical canal of the cervix, which is carried out using a special spatula or brush. Further there is desquamated cells of the cervix, which inburghers a certain glass stained with special mullions and checked under a microscope. This allows you to distinguish healthy tissue from patients and to identify whether there is a disease, a cancer of the cervix. This procedure is carried out painlessly. Cytological scrapings taken in the majority of cases before menstruation or immediately after their completion.


Colposcopy - research suggests inspect the condition of the mucous membrane of the cervix, vagina and vulva with optical zoom × 10 × 15. First, by simple colposcopy, then - extended, with epithelialand vascular tests that are based on the tissue reaction after treatment by different drugs. Colposcopy cervical spend to make a diagnosis of cervical erosion and other diseases.


laser vaporization - are Metoyes it is « evaporation » (A translation of the word « vaporization ») cells of living tissue. It uses a thin beam of light with high power. In most cases, the CO2 laser is used. This method allows to treat difficult cases of cervical erosion (a large area, the depth of the defeat), leukoplakia, lesions of the vulvanew, vulva (papillomas, warts). Helps where no help other treatments. It is the most safe and effective method of treatment, because it can be used even after giving birth to a child, because after he did not see any scars. Laser vaporization procedure takes 10-25 minutes.


A couple of days before the gynecologist will be conducting inspection   not recommended for vaginal swabs, medication, douching. Two days before the inspection to live openly sexually Lives of.   20 minutes is performed on an outpatient basis, which is the chair, it has   gynecological mission.

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