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Today, the situation in Ukraine, in particular, in Donetsk, Lugansk that changes daily. So you should always be aware of the claimthe last one of the latest news. Today We offer you the latest news from the zone of fresh ATO. Find out more information you can on the website of "facts".

Force ATO today do not have intentions to leave Shirokino

All the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and remain in their places in the Donetsk region to ShirokinoAugust 3. This is at least.

With regard to the status of today, the issue is a question of demilitarization Shirokino Consider tripartite contact group in Minsk. President of Petro Poroshenko instructed in stating that until 3 August to resolve the issue and sign the relevant documents. Latestthat is, within ten days will be discharged tanks and heavy weapons, in order to protect all the soldiers who could not move and one step back & raquo ;, - says the head of the press service of the General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine Vladyslav Seleznev.

During the same period, according to the chief, all units should remain on itstheir positions. &Laquo; With regard to the status of today, the decision has been made, and all the forces are on our front. This applies to funds & raquo ;, — Head Seleznyov stressed.

reported that the first of July Donetsk People's Republic has unilaterally announced that the village is Shirokino sthereof, which called demilitarized. "As an act of good will on the peaceful intentions of the leadership of Donetsk People's Republic of decision, which suggests that it is now necessary to town Shirokino also considered a demilitarized zone. The armed forces of the DNI received indications that not to open return fire in the direction of the », &Mdash; uttered these words when « Deputy Chairman of the People's Council » DNI Dennis Pushilin. However, Ukraine's military denied this statement, and they report that Shirokino until today there are fights. From, for example, the last battle took place on July 30 immediately.

Donetsk direction and is characterized by continuous struggleth - RNBO

In the area of ??the ATO and remains tense situation - rebels do not want to stop armed provocations in 2 directions: Donetsk and Lugansk. This gives us the press center RNBO:
"At the direction of the Donetsk and is a continuous   activities of militants in the area of ??the airport and nearbyfrom the   Avdeevka and Sand. There fighters began to use armored vehicles and heavy mortars & raquo ;, -   It said in a statement.
"There is continuing and active opposition is close to Marinka, with venture and small arms, mortars with a caliber of 82 and 120 millimeters and grenade launchers, and at Krasnogorovka militants began using andtanks. "This information we nada press center RNBO.
As for the direction of Lugansk, there is more militants focused on fire in the village of Lugansk.

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