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What are the adenoids, and how to treat them?

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The adenoids - increase in the amount of pharyngeal tonsil - in the early stages can be cured with herbal preparationmi. If you give them grow - can not do without surgery, but it is better to treat. Most often suffer from enlarged adenoids children up to three years.

On the complaints of violations of nasal breathing and frequent colds to the otolaryngologist daily lead of a few patients. In many cases, the reason - theyenno in adenoids. However, this problem can occur in adolescents who are sick, and even the young men of military age.

This is - natural protection

called adenoids increase in the size of the pharyngeal tonsils are composed of lymphoid tissue (such that produces cells that provide Protectivetnye reaction of the body).   Although the body can not be considered unnecessary.
In our bodies there is nothing superfluous. In a normal, healthy state in the lymphoid tissue is a complex process. In particular, the mucous membrane, which is covered with lymphoid tissue inside the nasal cavity and captures viruses and bacteria that can get out will repayha. Mucous « digest » them, and they do not fall more deeply into the airways. Since the body naturally protects itself from the cold.

However, the protective function of lymphoid tissue in certain circumstances, can turn to the detriment of the child. It occurs when the body grows too. ThenGDS child is difficult to breathe through the nose. Therefore, there is lack of oxygen, and cough. Adenoids also cover the auditory tube. This leads to inflammation of the middle ear. So that the child is constantly breathing mouth, dry throat, and mucous. Therefore, it loses its protective function, and therefore any infection is easier to get into the respiratory tract. Thus, the child often Bolean colds.

Disturbed nasal breathing

The growth of lymphoid tissue occurs when children are sick. First lymphoid tissue fails to protect the body. But over time it loses its protective function itself becomes a problem. Most often to the doctor with similar complaints prefodyat-year-olds. At this age, the adenoids - even with normal development of a healthy child - are the largest. This feature of their development. In the absence of violations after three years adenoids begin to atrophy to the period of puberty are significantly reduced.

However, this is not allGDSs. Typically, a child at age three starts walking in a garden, a lot of contact with other children, and therefore often ill. Then the adenoids are forced to take on a greater burden of protecting the body. So, do not decrease with age, but increases.

Doctors advise parents to always follow, not broken nosesth breath child. As soon as there are any problems, the child begins to snore at night, breathing mouth, suffers from frequent runny nose - the nose is constantly incorporated, have a discharge from it, and in the morning cough may occur. After all, with enlarged adenoids have going mucus explains the doctor. And where mucus - there and microbes.

Parents often notice that in general, a healthy child every morning trying to cough up something. This occurs because of a violation of nasal breathing. Therefore, it is better to find out the reason, having led the child to receive an audiologist.

Please treat herbal preparations

Treat, enlarged adenoids firstand medication, without the surgery. Kids administered nasal drops, which have astringent action. &Nbsp; Yes, adenoids washed away mucus. There are good drugs, based on barberry. They have successfully reduced the lymphoid tissue. All this - the plant, homeopathic remedies do not harm the baby.

In many cases, as seen in their practice doctors, is treated - fairly effective. Assign it typically monthly. If during this time the child's condition improves, your doctor may extend it for some time. However, if in the past month receiving herbal medicines do not have any improvement - it requires hirurgicheskoe intervention.

The operation to remove the adenoids continues seconds

If a child is repeatedly hurt inflammation of the ear - otitis media, it is - one of the mandatory indications for adenoidectomy. It should definitely release the auditory tube to her in the air to flow freely.
Become more frequent during extendedGOVERNMENTAL adenoids and bronchitis. After all, the baby breathes mainly mouth, so the crude air - germs and dust - directly into the trachea and bronchi. And then repeated bronchitis. This is - another indication for adenoidectomy. Suggest an operation, even without assigning conservative treatment, your doctor may then, if you asked him a prettylate. That is, when a child's adenoids - too increased. After postponing the procedure if - there is no point.

It is understood that the operation - not very pleasant procedure, so parents are usually reluctant to agree to it. &Nbsp; According to recent techniques and adenoids removed with a laser. For the duration of such an operationI - one of the fastest. In general, it lasts a few minutes. And the process of cutting out the adenoids - a few seconds. However, the doctor admits, in some cases, after removal of the adenoids can grow back.

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