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Huge selection of dishes there are the supermarket "".

In a glass container that can be baked landsbut. Refractory Glassware comfortable and well cleaned, suitable for cooking in the oven, microwave oven, on the stove. Its drawback - fragility.

How to care for such dishes?

In the hot dishes you can not pour cold liquid, he may burst.
If for some time to pour water into the potAnd then carefully without shaking, pour it, for washing the vessel walls can be felt on a slippery film. These are the harmful substances contained in the liquid. No filter is not so clear the water.


Using pottery can be in the gas oven and microwave. ABOUTbyazatelnym condition is only that one pitcher can cook only one dish. Or at least buy three pitchers: for the first course, for the second and compote or fruit compote.

If you're ready, for example, juice to the bowl in which to prepare this soup, it will taste.
Another important itsystvom clay is that due to its porosity, it keeps the temperature very well. Wash dishes such in any case can not be detergents, as they will get into the structure of the dishes, and then the food. It is best to use hot water with dry mustard or soda. For glazed (with a shiny surface) of dishes such atWords are not necessary, but he does not have the properties that have clay.

Now people are starting to get to the attic of an old grandmother's dishes. It can be said that the glaze, which appeared in Ukraine in the late 19th century, attractive to look at, but it can be dangerous. The fact that the manufacture of such irrigation using OkaSubscribe lead, and he has the ability to partially dissolve in salt water and acidic foods.

The same thing happens with prolonged cooking over a fire, or during prolonged storage of products in containers. Better use of modern dishes, because lead oxide at its creation is not used.

To select high-quality modern pottery, enough to put it on the palm and holding the bottom, tap the container with your fingers. If you hear a ringing sound, the product quality, defect-free, and it will last for a long time. If the sound is muffled, it indicates that the vessel has a marriage.

Before Uolzovaniem pottery need to be further processed in order to protect it from leakage. To do this, fill the milk container and place it in the oven, and boil for 10 minutes. If there is no milk, it is possible to lubricate the middle of the vessels with oil or fat.

All of the Teflon frying pan

The store should be checked onstanding on a Teflon pan. Some manufacturers of coated cast iron pans with special paint, similar to Teflon coating. In the store, they can be cheaper this Teflon cookware, and can have the same price.

So take it with you to the store magnet. By this metal Teflon cookware he ne will be involved, and to a cast-iron frying pan with a layer of paint - are drawn.

Rating safest health dishes

  • Utensils from heat-resistant glass and ceramics;
  • Pottery;
  • Cast iron cookware;
  • Enamel tableware;
  • Stainless steel cookware;
  • Thoseflonovaya utensils;
  • Plastic tableware;
  • Aluminium utensils.

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