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In today's world there are so many different holidays that celebrates every nation in a special way. Bolle details to find out who a holiday celebrated on this dayon our website. It is clear that all of them do not count, but still, many people love to talk about how they celebrated their favorite holidays. So today, I want to tell you about how I celebrated the birthday of my compatriot. Why is this holiday? Because he was very good, even beneficial. We offer you alist of useful history of life. I hope that it will bring you a lot of useful information.

.... So ...

In the past, we did not pay attention to the fact that our unique Birthday countrywoman Marika 12 August, and the Day of the Christian holiday Macovei August 14, almost the same. Just in the year we decided to celebrateIt is both at the same festival with the residents and with one shelter where came the morning on 12 August. When in one of the rooms of the orphanage we were preparing poetic festive Area, heard someone said: « These are those who last time told us about kindness, mercy, love and sincere relations between people and called for a compound word which Sune It Holds ».

Theosophy … what is it?

It turned out that this « compound word » it was for some « Theosophy & raquo ;. Therefore, our conversation began with his explanation. We tried as easy as possible to tell what theosophy - is a divine wisdom which has always been, but lostyalas centuries. Restore and transfer knowledge to people all over the world, includes the Wisdom of the structure of the universe, nature, man, I instructed our birthday girl, who was born on this day 100 years ago. We were told that, because of his genius, she performed this assignment, because I wanted to have all lived in harmony and peace, werehappy were really brothers and sisters, how about wills theosophy.

Then we have the people, and they told us about the holiday Macovei. According to ancient tradition, those who accepted the Christian faith, they go to the temple that sanctifies the first crop of vegetables and bouquets of flowers and herbs - « & raquo ;, Makoveychik to furtheryshem flourishing economy.

Communication was warm, joyful heart.

The second part of our charity event took place on the street. We have helped to clean the surrounding area of ??weeds, various debris. In addition, together with the residents of shelters and sister-hostess we have planted at least 50 toUstov perennial flowers that are presented to our volunteer his court.
A little tired, but happy to have been able to do anything nice for people who need attention, sympathy for their plight. They asked visited them on Day Spas. We promise!


So, now you know how to blagotvorno was one of my days of life. For myself, I took a lot of useful and I hope that you will not remain indifferent to this story. Remember that the holiday in the first place, should include not only delicious food, dancing and plenty of rest, but also what to do useful things to other people.

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