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Where to take sick leave?

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You will agree that there are days when well, just do not want to get out of bed, go to work, andIs it so bad you feel that you can not operate. Each person has a condition sometimes, we are not robots! And when that happens we can help out a doctor friend who writes us a certificate, and if you do not have such friends, the rescue only to sick leave. What is this list of disability? Sick leave, it dokumUNT, which confirms that you are disabled for a while. And, of course, sick leave, is reporting documents for accounting. Of course, we can take time off for their own account, but who wants to give up the money, and sometimes more than one sick day. &Nbsp; It is worth noting that only one thought about visiting our flooriklinik may enter into a stupor every healthy person, and for the sick and not talking. Endless queues of people in front of the doctor's office the retirement age to their conversations about everything and about what. Even if you finally got to the reception, you will be forced to go completely all research, analyzes, X-rays, etc. And when you're sick, you want otlezhatsI stay at home. And yet the fact that you discharged the hospital, if the temperature is normal, how to prove that you really bad? That has to resort to some trickery, namely,.

What should be sick leave?

Make sure with the purchase of sick leave is necessary to pay attention to the framedset. If a medical certificate has been incorrectly issued, it loses its meaning. And you lose your cash benefits. And do not think that it is your leadership does not want to pay the money, just all sick leave transferred to the FSS and even the slightest mistake will lead to the refusal to pay money for your sick. So be sure when buyingete need to look at such details:

  1. First, if the filling sick leave improperly record the name of the place of work, or even the lack of quotation marks in the same name, can be considered as an error and the sheet will not be valid. It seems a trifle, and has an error.
  2. Second, surname and patronymic name should be no contractiontion. It is also required to indicate gender and age of the employee.
  3. In the third, it has to be signed by your doctor and print medical institution. It is important to take into account that the press should be in the upper and lower corners of the form. And the obligatory stamp with the signature of the chief doctor or the deputy must stand on a sheet outside the place of permanent residence.
  4. In the fourth, on sick leave all stamps must be legible. Clearly shows the name of the institution.
  5. In the fifth, if you write out a sheet of a private doctor, make sure their names except for the number of the license.

As you can see, many things need to pay attention when you make a temporary sheetdisability. But if you still find a mistake behold, there is no need to throw all upset and simply refer to that same doctor, and correct any errors. It is not difficult to do, and every doctor knows how to do it. &Nbsp; The main thing is that after the correction of the signature and stamp of the doctor clinics.

Of course, etc.ibegat to the purchase of sick leave is not necessary. But what to do if the rule is that all you need to prove. A simple absenteeism threatened with dismissal, which is very desirable in our time. Perhaps this is the only family income. Therefore, sometimes, the purchase of sick leave, the most optimal choice, given the circumstances.

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