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Complete the military and medical equipment

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Complete the military-medical equipment — the most representative group of medical fieldequipment consisting of first-aid kits, briefcases, and other sets designed to meet the challenges of medical support and surgical supply units, parts and medical departments. property.

Kit called the range of honey. property selected to provide a certain amount of medical aid to the wounded and sick, or dTo equip health centers function units of military units, Navy, as well as temporary honey. institutions and laid in a laying container.

The experience of past wars has shown the advantage of supplying medical kits. property compared with the supply of single-piece objects. Thanks sets facilitated the formation and deployment of medical centers various divisions and functions of military medical institutions created by the convenience of reclamation, transportation and storage of honey. property in the field. Only with the help of sets of efficiency can be achieved in the transportation honey. property in mass orders. loss.

The formation of sets made in accordance with the inventoryth and the requirements. Medicines and other property to be investing in kits should be checked and have a longer shelf life. Medicines with a limited shelf life in peacetime, the package does not pledge or in sets stored in a limited number. Surgical prinodlezhnosti for preservativeseniya from rotting before investing in sets undergo conservation. Property located in the set, as the expiration date is replaced with a new one. Depending on the destination sets their contents placed in reusable containers — packing box, bag, formerly known as Medical styling yland demonstrate how the disposable container — plywood boxes, paper boxes, etc. laying packaging shall protect the property from the dust, moisture, mechanical damage and losses, and they are designed to quickly locate the desired object is achieved by the use of containers inside nests of drawers with a mesh, removable grids, traysum. n. Most kits packing box is placed in three types: № 1 (high), № 2 (small) and number 3 (laboratory). Also included may be sterilizers for instruments,

Laboratory box is used not only as the packing containers, but also as a table for the deployment job when the honey. Research, Medicalx procedures pharmacy operations. Packing box made of wood, have a metal edging, painted in khaki. Some types of laying containers made of metal or fabric. On the walls of the container decking is applied to set the size of the sign — red cross.

medical kits. property desired Ch. arr. except forrtyvaniya and work units and temporary medical dispensaries. institutions called function. They contain both supplies and inventory items. Complete Task (combat support) comprise Ch. arr. expendable items required in large quantities in the delivery of medical care and treatment of sick and wounded in the fightings.

There are functional kits for rendering first, experienced and specialized medical care. By type carried out with their help works are divided into sets of surgical, therapeutic, laboratory, pharmacy, and so on. N.

Sets of honey. assets are in the armies of many countries

In the Russian army, they have been known since the mid-17th century. when hiking undertook royal pharmacy in four stacking, and from the late 17th century. apothecary order practiced newsletter on the shelves pilings with medicines and other medical. property. During the Russian-Turkish war of 1768 — 1774. to supply troops medicines each army had a fieldth pharmacy where Packaged and packed in laying the prescribed medicines in the army were sent to the divisional system and then to regimental pharmacy, t. to. formed transportable medical supplies. property for pharmacies. On the supply of the Red Army's first medical kits. property were adopted in 1922.

With the improvement meditsinswho provide troops, develop new equipment, development of new medicines in the kits was amended in 1929, 1934, 1936, 1939, 1940., as well as during the Great Patriotic War and in the postwar years. A great contribution to the development of the system K. v.-m. about. Scientists made the Military Medical Academy and the organizers of the military and honeyitsinskogo supply P. Zhuravlev, KD Timankov, AP Hrenov, SP Shavtsov, VA Courier and others.

medical kits. property, consisting in the equipment of the Soviet Army and Navy, adequate for military medical service, the level of development of the honey. science, technology and industry. About the bundled Military Medical waspsprovision in cities can get an idea on the example of the next set.

Set « medical assistant & raquo ;. Preznaznachen to provide first aid to the wounded, injured by ionizing radiation, infection agents and bacterial agents. It contains antidotes, pain, cardiovascular agents, respiratory analeptics, extensibleThief ammonia and iodine capsules, radioprotective drugs, antibiotics and others., surgical instruments (scissors, tweezers, hemostat), garden knife, syringes in their cases, sterilizers, tourniquet, medical thermometers and others. Placement — special metal box with a folding table.

Set « laneevyazochnye sterile tools & raquo ;. Need for bandaging the wounded and burned. It contains sterile bandages, absorbent cotton, dressings and medical wipes, as well as wool, honey. scarves for dressings.

Set « Hanna & raquo ;. Designed for transport immobilization of fractures of the wounded. It contains ladder,plywood and other tires to immobilize limbs tires for fractures of the lower jaw.  

Set « receiving and sorting » . It is used for the deployment of receiving and sorting office. Designed to provide first medical aid. It contains a small set dressing, medical and medical items, suture material anddrugs.  

Set « Pharmacy - clinic & raquo ;. We need to get the first medical assistance, conducting outpatient reception and pharmacy equipment regimental infirmary. It contains essential medicines in the form of finished dosage forms, some inventory and supplies medical and medical-pharmaceutical pre-DMetI to prepare simple dosage forms.  

Set « general medicine & raquo ;. It contains various drugs for the manufacture of these medical pharmacies. institutions dosage forms. Styling Kit is used to deploy desktop assistant. &Nbsp;

Set « medicines hirurcal & raquo ;. It contains glucose, sodium chloride, procaine, of which in pharmacies medical facilities made solutions for injection, alcohol, ether for anesthesia and other drugs used in surgery. &Nbsp;

Set « Pharmacy - assistant & raquo ;. It contains pharmacy inventory and consumable itemsNecessary for the preparation of powders, ointments, solutions for internal and external use, eg. scales with weights, mortar and pestle, spatula, tools to remove the caps from the vials, kapsulatorki and other items. Styling Kit is used to deploy desktop assistant. &Nbsp;

Set « andpteka injection & raquo ;. Contains pharmacy inventory items in Vol. H. Filter pharmacy field, scales, weights, beakers, etc. E., Provide in combination with other pharmacy kits cooking injecting p-ditch novocaine, sodium chloride, glucose, etc. &Nbsp;

Set « operating large & raquo ;. Required for an eyezaniya experienced surgical assistance to the wounded and people get burned in its entirety, which is provided surgical instruments, which are in large and small transaction sets, as well as medical and health care items, apparatus, syringes and other items, spitting in the kit.  

Set « Antibiotics ». Contains the most famous modern antibiotics used to treat the wounded and sick. &Nbsp;

Dental Kit & raquo ;. Required to provide dental care. Contains remedies, dental mirrors, tools for fillings and removing plaque, tips to the drill, dental forceps and otherdental items and accessories.

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