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Baby soap from Jardin

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has long occupied an important position in the life of every person, and almost no one thinks of thosem, how often we wash their hands, as well as the kind of cute we buy, that is, we do it all automatically, as did our mother.

Try to remember the pleasant smell of baby soap, especially one who just like us most. It is made in such a soap, because it carries childhood memories.

How appeared soap for kids

Baby soap began to make at a time when doctors discovered that the soap that we use under normal circumstances – including a toilet, as well as economic, has sometimes not very good effect on the skin of children. The main purpose of children's soap isto care for the skin of children, which is still young, because then it is too sensitive to different environmental influences.

What is baby soap?

Leather baby should not be in contact with different alkaline substances or chemicals in any case, because it is verydelicate and sensitive. Contact with such substances causes the film, which is protective for the skin of the child starts gradually dissolved, and then there is a high probability that any processes of different nature, that is inflammatory and irritable. So the soap for the kids need to be made from components thatIt is of natural origin, because they do not lead to the emergence of allergies.

Among the many ingredients of soap for children, you will never be able to find supplements that are attributed to perfumes because they may have no good effect on the skin your baby. Doctors think that an adult does not need ispolzovababy soap be more than 3-4 times during the week.

The composition of children's soap is rich in such substances:

  • Lanolin;
  • The oils that are of vegetable origin;
  • Glycerin.

Sometimes this composition may include juices and supplement that is extracted from plants, catorye are anti-inflammatory in nature. These include, for example, include:

  • Calendula;
  • Sage;
  • alternates;
  • St. John's wort;
  • Daisy;
  • The bark of oak;
  • Celandine;
  • Geranium;
  • primrose.

Glycerol, which can sometimes be found among all Ingredaents of soap, causes that the skin becomes softer.

If it is necessary (for example, your children there is a strong sensitivity to some alkaline substances), then you need to use baby soap to wash diapers undershirts or your kids. Its main advantage is that this soap mozhno easily wash off, even after you've never heard of a strong odor, and will not see the attacks as various chemicals, which often lead to the appearance of reactions as allergic and irritable.

Baby soap should bring only joy for you and your kids. Therefore, choose the one that has proven neodnokConversely dermatologists. Remember, the health of your baby is the most expensive and need to take care of him in the first place.

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