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What are the car seat?

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Transportation of baby is very delicate matter. Every parent is always worried about your child's life. Therefore, this issue requires specialOn attention. Care for children in the country's authorities have expressed the need to protect children from the very childhood. Therefore, it was written by a special law, which controls the rules of transportation of children. To do this, we developed the car seat. please visit Today we will learn how to select it for your child.

How to correctly vybrats car seat for your kid?

It is necessary to buy a car seat according to the age and weight of your child. This is very important because each seat has only one purpose - to protect the child of a certain age and size of the drops. It is clear that these chairs have their own special details. For example, a chair « 2 & raquo ;, protect 20 kg baby, but he will never save a newborn. It is therefore important not to save it, and buy only those who have high-quality and right for the age and size of your child.
Well, when you can come with your child and be able to take it with you to the store. This is important because a child tells himself comfortableIs th chair. Since signing the child in the car seat, you turn your attention to his reaction if the child starts to cry, it means that it is inconvenient. You must select only the car seat, which can prohibit child during road to distract the driver.

It is also important that it had some opportunities, ie:

  1. Avtokomreslo should change the position, then the child will be able to lie down and be in a half upright and seated condition. In such cases, the child may sleep and watch their parents what they do during the road. It is clear that this is exactly distract him from his own whims;
  2. If your child is not yet 3 years there, the car seat shouldhave special straps, which are in a wheelchair. They   will be able to protect the child in case of an accident. By the way, they protect not only the baby's spine, but his stomach.

Installing car seats

Please note that you need to know how to install the car seat. It should be easy to installBecause no one wants to spend a lot of time on it to install it. It should also be very convenient and easy for even a young mother was able to easily carry the baby in the car seat, even when he was still small. It is also important to have an opportunity to remove the car seat in the trunk. Look carefully at theseat belts, because they have a very robust and reliable. The car seat is always a belt that looks like the letter « We & raquo ;. Incidentally, it is located in the crotch area. This belt must be wide, strong and elastic, but not so that the damage to the child's intimate area.

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