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Lunar Calendar haircut

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For all the beautiful modern girls, or women is extremely important, not only their beautifulmodern hairstyle or haircut fashionable quality, but also the state of their beautiful hair is important as they are healthy. Specially designed for their modern astrology and quality hairdressers unique lunar calendar of hairstyles of their hair - it just one thing that will always help all unique fashionistas very correct seqedit it for the health of their hair.

Lunar calendar date created several centuries ago our ancestors. According to him at the moment when the moon itself grows then of course, it is better to cut his hair, because they will always grow very quickly. This is the ideal option especially for girls, often change their modern image. And directly on the waning moon - so there is on the contrary, directly hair grow very slowly. A good option that directly fits all   girls who just do not plan on a monthly basis to visit all the modern beauty salons. Read everything you can on the Internet on the link.

There is also aconduct that is not growing moon very positive effect on all types of hair. And in the waning moon, a beautiful roots of the hair very much stronger, just less hair fall out.
So, consider the modern posutochny calendar.

The fifth lunar day

It is 5 lunar day, you cane very boldly written on the modern reception directly to your stylist. To cut their hair in this day is not only possible, but of course you need.

The sixth lunar day

In this unique   day is recommended you as little as possible just to touch her gorgeous hair. Haircut neposredstvenno better not to do. Dye your hair too, just does not make sense. Firstly, all the paint will be taken very badly, and in - the second, all of the hair is very damaged. Better to just gather your hair into a small ponytail.

7 month day

Having it cut at 7-month age youjust run into a quarrel with his loved ones. In order to precisely avoid all conflicts - not cuts your hair.

8 month day

This beautiful day is very beneficial for your haircut. This modern procedure is not only lift your mood all but fill you with positiveth power, in his own, all have a positive impact on the state of your health is.

The ninth lunar day

Mowing is 9 lunar day directly affects the large deterioration of your health. Therefore, of course, better to just not touch the entire length of hair. But this day, favorableiyaten it for painting or laminating quality of hair.

10 is not directly successful lunar day

Podstrizhete you hair   10 day - and say goodbye to their good fortune for a very long period of time. Dye your hair better than modern natural dyes, such as the unique xtion or basmoj.

11 lunar day

Tired of boring monotonous routine simple? Visit your hairdresser, do it yourself a new haircut - and your whole life is just filled with new bright and modern   colors. And for a unique harmony can also just dye your hair or traine just promeliruvatisya.

In the 12 hours to get a haircut is simply forbidden

13 14 lunar day

The corresponding days just for haircuts. You do not know how fast you grow your hair. Vows on this day. In addition, all the hair will become stronger and healthier, and of course, silky.

15 lunar day

If you podstrizhete hair - big headache pain you just can not avoid. It is to attract high-quality and positive energy - you need to straighten your hair dryer or iron.
Remember that a lunar calendar for cutting your hair will always be able to assist you in the selection of the day in awh ich your hair will be ready immediately to a modern haircut.

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