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How to choose a quality honey?

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Honey - a sweet thick liquid collected from the flower nectariess plants and processed by bees. During the period of flowering plants honey bees collect their nectar of flowers. With proboscis bee sucks nectar into honey zobik, where it mixes with the secretions of digestive glands it. In the hive the bees collect nectar lay in cell combs. Later maturing honey bees repeatedly transferred from the celland cell saturating it thus enzymes. In the course of such operations is split complex sugars into simple nectar - glucose and fructose, reduced water content (in the nectar of its 80% in mature honey - about 20%). Honey contains a large amount of energy (300-350 kcal or 1300 kJ per 100 g of honey), and about 300 substances and chemical elementsComrade.

How to recognize a quality honey?

Buyers of honey is always interested in the question how to recognize high-quality natural honey. Full quality assurance can be given only manufacturer of products. If you choose the honey at the fair among the large number of proposals will come in handy knowledge of how to opRedel quality honey to the outside and taste characteristics. Tell us about it Ishchenko AP - Editor Portal, where, incidentally, can be found.

The choice of honey in terms of technology on beekeeping

First, choose a tent with honey, which you can stay. Varieties of honey from one sellerIt should not be much. If this is the beginning of June, it had withered gardens, spring grass and acacia. Accordingly, the honey may be the last year (and it must be crystallized), and a liquid that is already becoming cloudy in the color (of spring grass, he is already beginning to crystallize) and liquid (Acacia, Acacia or + mark all spring herbs).

If you buy honey in the fall or winter, the seller can be up to 4-6 varieties of honey. Why? Because in the Russian trade honey is obtained, usually after flowering 4 major honey plants: acacia, lime, buckwheat, sunflower. In some regions, where large areas of meadow grasses can receive commodity honey with herbs beforeCENI, bruise, coriander, clover and other plants in the south of Russia - soforovy honey in forest areas - the forest.

If you are offered more than 10 types of honey - it is suspicious: either the copper bought up, and you're dealing with middlemen (and he can not be responsible for the quality of honey), or you We stumbled upon the beekeeper towh ich has several apiaries. But most of those who have large apiary and receives a considerable amount of marketable honey fairs, do not sell, and are looking for other ways to market their products.

You should not trust the inscriptions on jars of honey, and evaluate them in color honey !!!

There are sellers signaturecribe jars with the same products,   like thyme honey, sea buckthorn, Dog rose, etc. You must understand that it is the sellers are trying to « please » the tastes of the buyer. In fact, to get honey from thyme, or a rose, you need to have dozens of hectares of continuous crops. Therefore, when interested with what you plant honey etc.edlagayut, be sure to consider whether there is in Ukraine, large plantations of these plants. It is also worth to observe the number of the car to find out from which region come the seller of honey. Separately, you can ask the seller itself, from which he sells honey in the region and thus test it on « honesty ».


So, first of all, do not let delude ourselves, and the number of types of honey -     determined not by the inscriptions on jars, and from a distance, in color.

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