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How can I cure alcoholism?

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Alcoholism is a serious disease. The waspsbasis it is physical and mental man's dependence on alcohol, and resulting in the loss of all internal organs and systems. Always remember that the cure of this disease with the help of tablets or charmed water that obtained from local traditional healers practically impossible.
Treatment alcogolizma is a whole range of long-term activities that are carried out by a psychiatrist-narcologist, together with the doctor, as a psychotherapist. Sometimes it happens that if there is a need, it attracted doctors and other professions. The algorithm of treatment is individual, ie, for each patient individually, and at the same time take into account the stage of alkogolizma and, no less important features of the general condition, and the presence of diseases today. According to Ivanov, AP - employee medical center « Healing » : Treatment should be discussed not only with the patient but also to his family, because for them, doctors should explain all the features, as well as the possible negative cutultaty chosen method or relatives.

The result of the treatment of such diseases as alcoholism is only in the hands of the patient. Believe me, it's true. Be sure to take these words for granted. Only after the patient will take a firm decision to go to be treated, but it wReluctance become a healthy person and change their lives for the fact to be always healthy and continue normal life of an ordinary man - is the main key to the success of recovery of the alcoholic.

the preparatory phase to the treatment is that the patient himself should like to say: I have to interrupt the bout. When IUdetoxification of the body has a hundred, or a patient has poisoned acetaldehyde, then doctors are taking matters into their own hands. This stage lasts from a few days to 2-4 weeks. That is, it depends on what level of severity of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, as well as the severity of intoxication.

Therapeutic activities include in its program:

    Implementation of intravenous therapy, as well as added vitamins, diuretics and tranquilizers;
  • consultation with the   therapist, who appoints the use of additional drugs in order to reduce the severity of disorders is by VNUfriction bodies;
  • Appointments caloric intake, as well as copious drinking;
  • Held the psychological preparation of a chronic alcoholic for the future treatment, and produce his mood sobriety.


So, tacos disease as alcoholism is very dangerous because it destroys not only the life of the sick person, but also the life of the people around him. How sad it may sound, but today almost every third person consumes alcohol. It's very sad. It is a pity that these people do not understand what life without alcohol. If you decide to recover,I wish you success and patience. You have become the right path.

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