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Medicine in Kaluga

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I'm sure every (or most) of us have heard this phrase, as "Russia does not mindunderstand. "Analyzing the lives of Russians, their mentality in relation to the world order and foundations, this sentence seems logical, just as illogical seen a large number of what can be see here. Nevertheless, the mind Russia is still not deprived . It is home to many outstanding world-renowned scientists who have committed their discoveriesIn many fields of science, technology, culture, etc. Russia, for example, is one of the first countries to space exploration, and is still actively involved in this activity. A striking example of a city with a rich tradition of space is Kaluga where he was born and worked for one of the fathers of modern astronautics - Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. Today it still operates the world's largest space museum, the creation of which had a hand in two other prominent person in the field Sergei Korolev (outstanding designer and pioneer of rocketry) and Yuri Gagarin (the first cosmonaut in history).

However, as they say,one living space modern kaluzhane. In the city, many people are engaged in the industry and many affairs. But there is one thing that just can unite them all - is to take care of their own health. It's no secret that in our time of rapid health - is one of the few virtues of man, which allow him to fully enjoy lifeand in all its manifestations. Likewise, it is no secret and that the health of the current population of the same Kaluga wants the best (this is the most optimistic case scenario). Problems there are many, often - rather serious, and someone has to solve them, and at a fairly high professional level. Otherwise, no way, becauseto whom the most precious thing we have - human life. In this light, the modern stands out - "Oh How It Hurts". Title, like everything else in Russia, is quite specific, with an emphasis on the depth of the soul and creativity of the people (I hope everyone remembers a poem Chukovsky "The Good Doctor Aibolit"). However, poetic parallels does not interfere with dannomu center to be known as a leading company in the city and district, even though in the immediate vicinity (160 km for Russian - is not the distance) is Moscow.

Advantages of service at the center, "Oh How It Hurts"

Any modern medical center, in addition to the quality of core services must comply with definedennym criteria by which it can be about a really high level. Therefore, it must be clear advantages against the background of competing organizations. In the case of the center, "Oh How It Hurts" has such advantages:

  • individual attention to any and all patients;
  • the absence of the traditional public health clinicsReception hours of doctors - all work without restrictions, to help patients as much as possible;
  • the practice of home visits;
  • own laboratory facilities, allowing quickly and take over 2500 kinds of analyzes.


The work center "Oh How It Hurts" concen-ochena on health care in the following areas of medicine:

  • Gynecology;
  • Endocrinology;
  • General Medicine;
  • Cardiology;
  • Allergology;
  • Immunology;
  • Ultrasound and laboratory tests.

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