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Drilling. Types and features

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The word boring is each has its own association. Many people immediately are tooth, as boron and the machine starts its drilling. Others draw in his head as the Buryats skvazhinu at their summer cottage, the third is the mountain, which makes the tunnel. Indeed, one way or another, these processes can be carried to drilling. After drilling – This process, when using a special technique destroy rocks.

Today, without this process it is impossible to imagine the development of the economy. It is so necessary energy oil and gas can be extracted from the bowels of the Earth, only with the help of a drilling rig. A first mention of drilling refers to 254-251 BC It was a time in ancient China, engineer Li Bing drilled a well to gas and water. How successful was this process, history is silent. A modern industrial drillingbegan relatively recently, in the 19th century and successfully continues in our time.

Lines drilling

At present, there are three known species of this process:

  1. First, this vertical drilling, such as wells.
  2. Second, pan – directional drilling.
  3. In the third, for the installation of RAznyh communication lines and tunnels used vertical drilling. The most common type is considered to be a vertical well drilling. It is produced in such a way today gas, oil, water, conduct reconnaissance bowels of the earth and so forth.

Drilling equipment

None of the types of drilling can not dowithout special equipment. This is a complex, having in its composition and the equipment itself and the necessary facilities. All components and the design of this type of equipment depends on the purpose and method of well drilling process. All available drilling equipment and can be classified by type of work done, and the way of the bUren, and by type of drive and movement techniques, speaking in short, that each species has its own way, and so the tool.

Where to produce drilling rigs, and where you can buy them?

The drilling rigs are produced in Ukraine Drilling Equipment Plant, located in Kiev. Produced here Boerss installation can be used in various fields of drilling small holes, in order to conduct exploration operations to drill deep water wells and well construction. Kiev factory of drilling equipment has the appropriate capacity and equipment for the production of the necessary equipment for drilling. With such techniquesSecond, you can easily cope with any problems. The main priorities in the activity of the company is to design, test and manufacture of all kinds of equipment and tools for drilling. &Nbsp; The company also carried out research work, which are looking for new indicators to be implemented in the Boerth technique to make it more effective. The issue of product quality for the plant in the first place. &Nbsp; Buy drilling equipment, tool setting, you can visit the site and in its choice will never be disappointed.

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