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Tips on how not afraid to visit the dentist

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frequent trips to the dentist for a child and his parents becomesI almost impossible task. Baby cries, does not want to open her mouth, does not allow any view or treat tooth. And no amount of persuasion does not help. Children who have never been to the dentist and do not know who he was, he was not afraid. Fear comes later, after the unsuccessful visit, or if the parents have instilled in the child's fear. How sdelatL to after the first visit to the dentist happy kid came out? Pmozhet this and a couple of practical advice.


  • Do not frighten the child's dentist! Just like any other doctor, unless you want the kid afraid of doctors and would not let them in. Scaring the baby visit to the dentist, doctor, injections, etc. we are SEBie creating problems for the future. After such our intimidation, the child does not want to go to doctors, will cry, and to arrange a tantrum before the visit, and we will get nervous and take it out on the child;
  • A child who has not been to the dentist, he was not afraid. If the mother is afraid of the dentist, or if it begins to worry about the baby for his behavior, that is,these experiences are passed on to the child. Therefore, do not make trip to the dentist in the emergency. Let this be a common thing, nothing special, as if you go to the store. If the mother can not cope with the emotions, let the kid goes someone else (dad, grandma, etc.);
  • Tell your child, who is a dentist and what he does.The child should know where it leads, and will do. Do not be fooled, and do not use complex, confusing, frightening words;
  • Find a good doctor who knows how to work with children. Such a person knows how to reach out to the child as not to frighten her;
  • Play at home at the dentist and the patient (if the child is already playing and understand);
  • Demonstrate the game all the manipulations that need to be done by a doctor, which he will do with the baby. Sit in a chair, open your mouth, use sticks to simulate drill, etc;
  • Do not use words that can frighten the child. Forget the phrase: "Do not be afraid! &Raquo; « it's not terrible," "You do nothing,but only suppressed "(usually a dentist at least something, but does regard to the teeth with a special tool, using a mirror, etc., and the child already perceives: mother deceived me)," it will not hurt! "in such phrases not perceived, and the child begins to suspect that something was wrong;
  • Replace the words familiar to the dentist the other. Thrust = sprinkle some water, freeze clove, not to hurt. Drilling = dirinchaty, to expel the worm from the tooth. = Put ??seals close up gum worm hole. And so on;
  • Go to the doctor at this time of day, when the child is sleepy, well-fed and contented;
  • If you plan to routine inspection, then your peace of mind, RASSCPS games and the dentist will be enough;
  • At the reception behave calmly, as usual, as if nothing unusual happens;
  • Do not try to pay more attention to the child, care, affection, not to focus it on this.

If you go to the dentist when the clove is already sore, apart from the above-mentioned riversomendatsy

  • It is necessary to tell a child a story about how the worm has eaten clove, nasoril in it, and the doctor save him, will shrink a little water to clove been sick and close the hole a special gum. That is, the doctor should act as a super-hero who saves the patient tab. Such a story can come up with themselves. And can OTHERamb child about the old man caries;
  • Do not cheat, will not hurt, it is better to say that there will be a little unpleasant, but tolerable. Reassure the child, even if a little sore, then he will be able to stand;
  • You can agree in advance with your doctor, and to prepare the child a little present. Let his hand over the doctor himself for bravery and good behaviorix in the chair. But let it be the usual small machine or a doll, not a great toy that the child really wants. As with each subsequent visit to the doctor, the child will begin to demand more and more;
  • You can show your child an example. Visit the dentist, sit in a chair, first you let your teeth look thatthe kid would've seen it and that it is doing. Try to be positive emotions and be very quiet;
  • Finally, drive the child to the doctor more often that for her it was the usual regular procedure. Then the treatment is painless and fear not.

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