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Recipes that very few secrets of cooking delicious pizzas

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pizza - it is one of the most popular and most common in the world of dishes from Italian cuisine. - The main profile of the company "very best Ptsa".

PiCCA Margarita

According to many renowned historians, only the first time this pizza already prepared at the royal court itself is in honor of Queen Margherita of Savoy, who had celebrated his birthday. Such well-known   Master pizza as Raffaele Esposito, laid out all kinds etc.product itself colors of the Italian flag itself - Mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil. And so, a fairly simple pizza is delicious and has become a favorite delicacy in all high places. And so, for pizza toppings Margarita, you will need the following components: two large tomatoes, two cloves of garlic, two hundred and fifty, the cheese is mozzarella, Thuyre directly tablespoons of olive oil and a few leaves of basil (fresh).

Pizza Polo

This pizza is very, very tasty, and it's easy to remember! This pizza is quite simple to perform, and has properties of different dietary dishes! All the ingredients for its filling: pepper, chicken, cucumber, Mushrooms, corn, cheese, cream sauce. Polo pizza oven is quite a long time. After all, it will destroy all the nutrients in the pizza.

Pizza Capriccioso

This pizza - it is a treasure for all the hungry people! When you eat after work and on the way home after a long and tiring day you zhelaete eat something big, flavorful, and quite nutritious, then you think: « Why do not you eat pizza? » For its preparation you will need the following products: bacon, ham, eggs, cheese, mushrooms, onions and peppers. Some of this Italian pizza can be supplemented by the following ingredients: tomato,   mozzarella, hamOlives, artichokes, as well as olive oil.

Pizza Kaltsone

This pizza with a crescent moon. Even some historians have argued that the very first pizza was created in the shape of the tail, and who knows - maybe even from there came the idea to bake Kaltone. This closed pizza in the shape of a crescent with deliciousFirst stuffed with cheese, sausage or chicken. It may also be represented in fried or baked. All the necessary elements to prepare the stuffing: onion, chicken, peppers, tomatoes, and oil, spices (black or red pepper, parsley). Even some cooks even prefer to use ricotta and salami or cheese GCMsArella, at the same time as the other chefs rely on bacon, ham, cucumbers, peppers, mushrooms, corn, olives, cheese and tomato sauce.

Pizza Marinara

This pizza has an example of the most ancient and delicious pizza - the history of the pizza is very interesting and fun way to have food,which is already quite a lot of hundreds of years, a lot of people happy. This is one of the oldest in the world quite recipes that invented the fishermen when they return after a long swim in the Gulf of Naples itself. Pizza with a rather romantic story has personified the life of the poor workers.

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