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How to deal with SARS

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ARI (acute respiratory viral infection), probably the most common disease in children and adults. How often a runny nose, cough and temperatureviolate your plans? Or do you go to work when your health condition left much to be desired? Or maybe your child picked up a virus just before a serious examination? It is no longer a laughing matter. There are several ways to quickly bring yourself back to normal, but the main one is the compliance regime and the home of all doctor's appointments. What can be doneyet to recover as quickly as possible?

Treatment of SARS

Get rid of nasal congestion, you can use vasoconstrictor drops, but to use them no longer than 2-3 days. Then, we recommend switching to the normal saline, or a drop of "akvamaris", "Marimer." They moisturize the mucous and perfectly clean nose and nosoglotKy.

Cough, except medicines prescribed by a doctor, can be treated and make steam inhalations: they are great help with rawness in the throat. Are you afraid to get burned? Get the ultrasonic nebulizer and medications designed to fill the capacity of alkaline mineral water. Sputum will be better to move away, coughing will boLee productive.

SARS during SARS increases the sensitivity of cough receptors irritation begin to cause even the factors that previously had no influence. Completely eliminate coughing during illness, of course, it does not succeed, but it can significantly reduce their frequency and increase the effecindices which if you use an air purifier. It will remove the air from the minute particles of dust, allergens and even unpleasant smells which have an irritating effect. In addition, it is desirable to supplement the air humidifier or at least to place on a window sill with a bowl of water. Thanks to cough moist air will pass more quickly.

How to bring the temperature down with SARS?

In fact, desirable to bring down the temperature, at least if it does not rise above 39 and the body does not produce convulsive reactions. The fact that at a temperature of 38 degrees starts generation of antiviral main arms - interferon. Furthermore, a method of antipyreticus to mask the beginning of a bacterial infection, which can lead to serious consequences.
To fever is transferred more easily, keep the room temperature within 20-22S. You can wipe the body with cool water (18-20S) - decrease in body temperature by only 0.5-1 degrees significantly improve the state of health.

How to preventit complications of SARS?

  1. First, the treatment should start on time and to finish. Timely therapy according to the doctor's recommendations quickly put you on your feet. Usually, the list of drugs includes immunomodulators facilitate the course of the disease and to protect it from complications.
  2. Second, for the treatment ofI do not want to use antibiotics as prophylaxis: they are not designed for this purpose. Rather, their thoughtless use will lead to antimicrobial resistance. This means that in the event of the accession of a bacterial infection, you'll need more powerful and expensive tools.
  3. In the third, try to treatensure regular airing of the air in the room where the patient is located. Furthermore, an excellent tool will function with the air cleaner cleaning air from viruses and bacteria, e.g., Tree Air. The effectiveness of disinfection of the premises with the help of up to 100%. This person can be a room without fear, becausethe concentration of ozone produced even after 8:00 continuous operation does not exceed the maximum permissible concentration.

And finally, keep a light diet, drink plenty of fortified beverages - fruit drinks, stewed fruit, and after 2-3 days it is possible to return to his normal life!

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