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Features of the 3rd month of pregnancy

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< p style = "text-align: left;"> Waiting for the addition of the family - this is the most joyous time in the life of every family, especially if the child wishesa nd awaited. Prospective parents draw in his head a baby colorful paintings represent what it would be guessing a boy or a girl. In short, the waiting period, the most joyful, exhilarating, exciting and solemn. But in the meantime, this period is not so smooth for the expectant mother. After all, her body is born a new life,bringing their changes in the rhythm of the life of the expectant mother.   At each stage of development of this new life has its own peculiarities. Consider.

Changes in the body and the expectant mother

At this point, you have become accustomed to the idea that inside you is born a new life. Already toxemia that worried youthe first weeks of pregnancy became weaker. Although it should be noted, not all women tormented by this notorious morning sickness, some did not even notice its manifestations are very rare. The most difficult thing - it's emotional state, and the sense of some weakness. At work in the morning I do not want to wake up. In place of the usual activity comes lethargy, drowsiness andfatigue, and want lain in bed all day. During this period there is irritability, especially if you're on all sides give advice. Do not be nervous, learn to control themselves and to pass part of the Board through the ears. Otherwise, you will grow a nervous kid. Calm – that's the main rule of the period.  During this period, you will begin to notice changes in her figure. &Nbsp; Sharply increased the breast and to avoid stretch marks, use special tools. May increase the veins, but not worth much to be frightened, it's all natural, important not to run and to prevent. And very watch your weight, do not stand on their feet for a long time, andon the legs while resting on the chair lift. And yet, change heels on comfortable shoes and enjoy a light physical education classes.

Changes in fetal development

It is at this stage the all-important for the life of the system and organs. Baby floats freely in the water space and you do not feel its Motioneny. The child is completely molded skeleton, but not stiff, and from the cartilaginous tissue. But ultrasound can already discern the fingers on the hands and feet, nose, and lips. The child already included milk teeth, but he does not see, and there is even a century to cover the eyes. The third month is very important, because some agencies are beginning to work, for example, vyrabatyvdischarges a insulin by the pancreas. And by the end of the third month, you can say who you will be born, that is, determine the sex of the baby.


The third month of pregnancy is very important as it is for expectant mothers and for their baby. Therefore, you should see your doctor regularly, undergo examination, walk in the fresh WHOspirit, to lead a healthy way of life, including proper nutrition. It depends on you whether you sleep at night when you see the baby, and you will spend most of his life in hospitals, carrying the child to all doctors to consult. All in your hands, on your behavior and the future of your baby! Cheers!

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