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Deciding Whether to Use antiviral drugs with SARS?

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In our time of high speeds and advanced tehnology, when a man is called to solve complex tasks, work productively, care for relatives and friends have no time for illness. Is it possible to quickly cure SARS antiviral drug Viferon?

SARS - a viral infection

SARS - is the most common in the world today fordiseases. It is found everywhere and it exposed people of all ages. The cause of the disease is a virus that enters the body through the respiratory system. In the nose, the nose, throat of an infected person is the primary replication of the virus, and then spread throughout the body via the blood. Viruses cause blood in the patient oznob, headache, aching back and limbs. Thus, SARS symptoms include: runny nose, sore throat, dry cough, fever, fever. An important factor in the treatment of SARS is to mobilize the patient's immune system, thus, the body produces antibodies that helps to cleanse it from viruses.
When nroyavlenii first symptoms of SARS sure to consult a doctor.

The antiviral drug viferon with SARS

a real boon in the fight against acute respiratory viral infection is an antiviral drug Viferon. Its high clinical efficiency CONFIRMED17-year-old medical practice and enjoys a well-deserved confidence in patients. Viferon well tolerated and has virtually no side effects.

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The composition of the antiviral candles Viferon

The preparation contains only natural and safe ingredients.
Human recombinant interferon a2 β is produced without the use of blood and is ready component of the immune defense. Interferon a2 β blocked reproduction of new virus particles in the infected celland protects against viruses in healthy cells.
Antioxidants, vitamins E and C, protect cell membranes from damage and enhance the impact of interferon a2 β for viruses. And also increase the residence time of interferon a2 β in the blood.
Cocoa butter - a natural herbal remedy, Kotorth has a hypoallergenic properties and contains phospholipids, which allows the production of candles viferon abandon synthetic emulsifiers.
This allows the drug to provide the necessary treatment of SARS and prevent complications of the disease.
For ease of use the drug comes in the form of suppositories. RectalThe second method allows the administration of a drug to penetrate rapidly into the bloodstream, bypassing the stomach and liver. Viferon quickly eliminates the symptoms of SARS and effective against viruses. Viferon well with other medicines used to treat infectious and inflammatory diseases.
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