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Dental industry - one of the most dynamic

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- is the branch of medical services, which as a whole is one of the most dynamic. This is tellingIt is not a dentist. Few people know that in good clinics made so regularly updated materials that doctors use to treat and prevent.

So now a lot of dental clinics have all the necessary equipment, including X-ray machine, computer equipment diagnomouth sticks ultrasound system and sterilizing instruments. It is necessary to replace that such equipment is not cheap, so it can not buy all the clinics, but only those that have to do directly with money. By the way, dentists need in such clinics regularly improve their skills at special seminars, conferRenzo courses are constantly studying specialized literature.

The cost of filling determined by the market and the owner

As for the cost of private dentists, it depends not only on the materials and equipment, qualifications of medical and other services. The formation of the price list affect SUPPLIESdy for the maintenance of the medical staff, payment of energy, other mandatory payments and the like.

Cheaper is treated in those hospitals whose owners do work there. This opinion was expressed by 1/3 of dentists. It is often private offices open people far from dentistry, which is usediznes. They buy equipment and supplies, hire doctors. Therefore, the cost of dental treatment is often similar materials can vary significantly in different clinics. For example, to put a seal in a private office can cost from 55 to 300 hryvnia. In addition, both approaches to the compilation of listings in different clinics. For example, some ofseparately indicate the cost of material, various procedures and applications. Therefore, low cost. For example, tooth filling may eventually result in a much larger sum. In other clinics indicated the high cost of the seal, there are included all the work and materials. So get acquainted with the price list at the clinic requires natsienta special care.

In general, dentists such cities as Kiev - both private and public - use the materials from all over the world. They, of course, are expensive, and this affects the cost of treatment. However, Kiev prices are much higher than, say, in Rivne and Kharkiv. Cases whentreat teeth in Kiev in good clinics come from other regions and even from abroad.

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