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The blogosphere can always partly to serve all social networks, allowing neposredstvenoenno restore and maintain it to interrupt social networks.

Blog - a modern online magazine, online diary, just basic content, which is always the systematic addition of records. Entries always contain text, contemporary photographs, graphics, unique items or justmultimedia. Entries in this blog are usually short and are always grouped in reverse chronological sequence unique. Most often, all public blogs are unique readers, entering directly into the debate with the author of the blog with the help of all the comments to the post or just in their own unique blog.

All tommentarii to most blog made it easy means of communication in the network, which is unique for a number of criteria exceeds a e-mail, forums, or simply   Chats.

Personal modern sites, consisting of records directly from the owner and all the comments on them, often referred to as blogging.

Recruitits popularity blogs began in 1996. In 1999, a modern company in San Francisco - Pyra Labs discovered a unique site, which was the first modern free blogging service. Now the popularity fills, unique news ticker. Not only the unique structure of the entries, but also all the simplicity of their adding neposredstvenno is a unique feature of all blogs. The owner of this blog (blogger) simply identified to the web to easily add a new entry. The server always puts a fresh posts at the top.

Blog allows you to directly announce that once you hear it. Each record readit is a convenient time for him, or ignore it if it is there is always a great desire.

So for   What is a blog and how much he means to a modern blogger?

The blogosphere part can always perform all the functions of social networks, allowing you to directly reconstructed fromLebanon and support all interrupted social ties. Most modern people leading their blogs, do it just for the sake of communicating with interesting modern humans and expand their audience is. The blogger can always find one or the network listener. With a unique blog can always be   express themselves, namely their shareof different thoughts, ideas, and of course, the creations. Any modern blog, varying in degree, broadcast information directly to the identity of its author.

Blog always means a lot to all users as a reference of his personal diary entries which can be directly perechityvamb it over time. It always will not forget about all the details of the events in the life of a blogger.

In presenting his thoughts in writing is easier to analyze the situation, to organize their thoughts. Many bloggers, with their records, formed a certain image in the network, trying to maintain.

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