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Shoes in Ukraine: the pros and cons, to buy or not to buy?

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Today I light the subject,What's interesting to me personally. In essence – everything. Let us deal with. After the growth of the dollar in Ukraine has risen in price considerably shoes and do quality things become a luxury item. Manufacturers are justified, that a square meter of skin worth $ 300, and this entails a rise in the price. But there is always a high price yavlyaetsI indicator of quality - an issue because there are a lot of shoes imported from China, which seem designer or branded.

In order to help the reader understand how to choose quality shoes, then
some tips from my own experience:

  1. Pay attention to the color. Best of all - in daylightcovering the window. Poor shoes may look the same when fitting in the store, but in daylight it will be seen shade of the same.
  2. Note the seams and glued connections – Try to pull the skin or textiles from the base - it will show you the quality stitched or glued soles and uppers.
  3. Wearingyte shoes on two legs at once - to understand exactly or you feel comfortable, walk around the room, wait a minute - if you find it difficult to stand and walk - do not take. If a flat surface is difficult, the uneven sidewalks will not be able to walk at all.
  4. Perform a fingernail across the surface of the shoe. When she straightened up after a while - quality shoes and chuvstvitelno medium. But do not forget about proper care, bottle water protection solution costs less than a new pair of shoes.

It is very important!

Buying a Ukrainian, you invest in the Ukrainian economy, in jobs in the factories and in the retail chains, you are supporting the development and growth of the domestic market,It is regulated inside. I can list many more advantages, but you choose.

As for shoes - the majority of Ukrainian manufacturers of shoes have their own websites, some also distribute products in retail chains. Buy these shoes can be.

Infrom some of them, we are interested in:

Ecco Shoes

This company has its own site on the Internet. Prices of shoes are available to all population versts. Shoes have for women, men, and children. By the way, this store is the official dealer of the European company ECCO.

Dnepropetrovsk aboutducer Footwear brand "AMATO"

Personally, I did not evaluate the quality, but the prices are considered affordable. The only drawback is that the manufacturer provides only wholesale delivery to retailers. The company operates in our market more than a year. Philosophy: Ukrainian wear - cool! Moreover, the veryemployees of the company say that they wear footwear manufacturing factory. The products can be bought at retail online store.

Kharkov shoe manufacturer BRONI

This brand is famous for its good quality and reasonable prices. BRONI company operates in the market of shoes for 15 years,
deserves trust.

eD-Ge brothers

Ukrainian manufacturer of men's shoes. Their online store has shoes for all seasons: winter boots, lint-flops, sneakers and shoes for spring to fall. The site acts as a manufacturer's retail and wholesale, delivery by region.

Levus - Ukrainian shoe

It specializes in the creation of modern and stylish shoes. In the online store are represented women's, men's and children's footwear: shoes, sneakers, boots, sandals, ballet flats, sandals, shoes. There are also bags and accessories. The online store also has a trade.

Abvovskoe company making shoes "Roma Style"

It was founded in 2000 and since then it is firmly on the domestic market shoes. The company produces men's, women's and children's shoes. The company has a formal regional representatives in various regions of Ukraine and the online shop "Roma Style".

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