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The phenomenon in the fashion industry

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In analyzing the life of any average person can come to a conclusion, Thufor it is more creative than "prozhigatelnaya." Any person in your life makes many things, one way or another can be called creativity. Nevertheless, one is given to achieve overwhelming success using their inclinations and hard work, the other for a more or less successful solutions require what is called a kick in the ass, and tretemu even this will not help. Again analyzing the lives of all of the known world, often turns out that in his life before fame and glory, they were almost none - waiters, janitors, handymen, etc. Using the happy event and their persistence, they were able to reach the heights to which all others can only watch with envy. So it wasand when one mentions the most famous in the world of super models -. Inetersno facts from the life of the Queen's business model (as it is sometimes called), as well as other former and current models can be found on the dedicated website

The early period of life

Born future starRiding podiums and one of the best models of the 1990s (and according to some claims, and does all the time) in a small and unremarkable (except, of course, proximity to Niagara Falls) Canadian town of St. Catharines, Ontario. As often happens in such cases, life in this town left the youth, especially girls,quite a few good prospects for the future financially. Parents also could not boast of a more or less good condition father worked at the car factory, and his mother was a housewife, he devoted himself entirely to his daughter. Linda was a late and very long-awaited child, and therefore it is not surprising that parents are trying anything to her ne to refuse even to its detriment. Therefore, the girl grew up knowing that she would have everything she wants (often her mother wears shoes worn by buying while her daughter something new). Looking at her in childhood and adolescence would be difficult to assume that you are faced with a future super model. Tall, slender with larger feet, it is unlikely claimomyshlyala on the podium, if not for her mother, who knew exactly what should be her daughter. From an early age she took a daughter by different casting which gave certain results - to 15 years Linda was able to win a local beauty pageant « Miss Niagara » and I had the opportunity to collaborate with the famous modeling agency « Elite & raquo ;. Tak began the history of this famous and unique top model, which even today in their 50s! years does not get tired to amaze the public.

The history of fashion business

Linda, as it turned out, had an extraordinary talent and tenacity. Many critics have noted its phenomenal ability to reincarnation in the lens camerass, for which it is often called the « chameleon » and « phenomenon & raquo ;. During his active career as a model she could take part in many fashion shows and advertising campaigns of the leading brands in the fashion industry. Among those who collaborated with the evangelist are such famous brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Guy Laroche, Calvin Klein, Versace, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Chloe, and many others. Linda is known for the fact that it is one of the first models in the world, which began to offer incredibly high fees, sometimes even for one appearance at the event.

Life Star

In his personal life Evangelista was no less diverse thanon the podium. She is credited with many love affairs with famous men of the world: Gerald Marie - head of the European division of « Elite » (By the way, they even managed to live 6 years as husband and wife status), Fabien Barthez - Former French national team goalkeeper in football, Francois-Henri Pinault - the heir to the empire of the model and Francois Pinaultpart-time father of her only son Augustine. Despite the fact that Francois-Henri escaped from her immediately after the news of the pregnancy, and today is the husband of a Mexican actress Salma Hayek, Madame Evangelista was not discouraged by this. She also leads an active life, filming in advertising time and giving son's education.

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