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Cosmetics for the smallest

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- tender it from the first days of life. It is from the early days of the birth of a small defenseless child is required mtion special attention and special care of him. Delicate his skin is not always adequately respond to a collision with a variety of modern products and insects. To   protection of his skin for moisturizing and cleaning has already been invented modern children's cosmetics, which allows mothers greatly facilitate care for her baby.

What exactly is a modern children's cosmetics?

Children's quality cosmetics began to devote itself in a separate contemporary group from the early XX century. The first unique Russian industrialist who has developed a specialized quality baby soap, was Henry Brocard - is owned by the founder andu great empire Brocard. It is this figure for the first time released a modern baby soap at an unbeatable price, one penny for the bar. A large US is the world's largest drug company is « Johnson'S Baby » began producing children's cosmetics line since mid-forties.

Baby qualitativeing soap

Soap for young children is different just a special and delicate quality of the structure and composition of the very principle of the lower alkali. Despite all this, one should always bear in mind that the skin is thin and young infants are very sensitive to any very minimal, mechanical damageeniya. That is why all dermatologists advise immediately bathing all newborns use liquid modern baby soap. Its unique composition, including all extracts from various classical plants (chamomile and calendula), which not only cleanse the skin baby, but heal her, and of course, moisturize. In such a difficult tonsistentsii best possible plant always stored a unique set.

Kids   unique gels

This is a universal high-quality cleansing tool that you can use it directly for washing and bathing, and instead of ordinary shampoos. With such pokupke should always pay attention to the unique   icon « no tears & raquo ;. And this, of course, to some, a certain degree always points to a large low content of all alkali and the presence of all the moisturizing complex. According to its direct functional purpose gels share it on:

  1. Cleansing gels. Youit starts in the form of watery milk, or simply lotions. They, of course, convenient to use at the present holiday, away from home when you need emergency help for a unique cleaning your skin.
  2. As a rule, all manufacturers of complementary tools such modern and soothing quality nutrient complex. It is aboutKolo decade ago and there were high-quality wipes, which are always densely packed in sealed boxes are good or plastic bags. They just let you in any conditions very quickly and very carefully remove all the skin of your baby.

Creams for your young children

This is the biggest in numbers cosmetic group. It is as well as soap, they always contain a very minimal amount of various additives, and as a rule, are always single component.   Sometimes dermatologists advise to always replace the cream with quality softer them consistency - a lotion or a mohull, but it is for the person you need to use only creams. The main and fundamental rights in using them - this is the correct choice of their composition.

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