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How much a person needs to be happy? If you believe the well-known proverb and just reflect on the things that Dr.Valid The important in our lives, we find that not so much. But in practice, living in a world that is constantly changing and improving, where every day there are new technologies and tools to carry them to the masses, it turns out that most of us have to pretty much everything. A complete list of the various gadgets, small and large,that give us an understanding that we are in step with the times and is no worse than other members of society (in particular, friends and neighbors), is quite extensive. This of course requires us to string up and save you quite a decent amount of money, and to do so quickly turn is unlikely, given the level of income of the average citizen of ourth country. What to do if you need money now, where to get them? Or even this: "What if the money is needed and there is a car?" The answer suggests a fairly logical - you direct road to the Pawnshop "Sheremetyevsky." you can get a loan on favorable terms and to go back home on their own as a car. Agree, the picture is satisfiedbut unrealistic, given the specificity of the various credit, including banks and institutions. Nevertheless, it is a fact, and that's how it works.

What's Pawnshop?

"Sheremetyevsky", as well as any other Pawnshop, is a hybrid (the language of biology) usual bank and not lessher usual pawnshop. From the first he got the official compilation of the conditions of the loan agreement, the typical interest rates and maturities of the loan. From the pawnshop he got the need for collateral and an assessment of its value, which is determined based on the possible amount of the loan.

Options crediting

In the Pawnshop possible two basic choices credit schemes, which directly determine the total amount of credit:

  1. Collateral Loans Title (vehicle registration certificate) . In this case, after the valuation of the vehicle, the borrower will be able to countfor a loan of up to 50% of the appraised value of your particular car. Of course, the log will have to leave as a deposit in Pawnshop and the more natural it will not be a copy (even if it is notarized) and the original source. After that, you with the contract and money on their hands, in their own car can leave. There, as they say, to the first post of the traffic police, who will have to explain the absence of registration certificate.
  2. Loans secured by a car . In this case the collateral provided by the Pawnshop is the car itself, which is placed on a guarded parking lot until settlement of credit obligations. This option allows you toie to increase the maximum possible amount of the loan up to 80-90% of the appraised value of the car.

Advantages of car loans

In every business there are both negative and positive aspects. In the case of the latter is clearly more car loans, and significantly:

  1. First, accessibility, POSCOnly such a procedure does not require the usual bustle of the bank for a set of different certificates of income and other documents for the loan;
  2. Second, the speed of execution. The whole complex of works on estimation of cost, insurance and drawing up the agreement does not take more than 1 hour of work;
  3. In the third, flexible credit terms, both in terms ofperiods (from 1 month to 2 years), and in terms of the size of the loan.

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