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Addicts are treated yourself ...

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< p style = "text-align: left;"> Andrew 20 years. He is one of the youngest. An energetic man with   It does not look like a man with a tragic life ofexperiment is given. When he came for the first time in a rehabilitation center, then frankly, she doubted in the restoration of his health and return to normal life. Former soulless eyes, apathy. He could hardly stand. Andrew came to the center with alcohol dependence. Immediately after the death of his father, who, incidentally, died because of alcohol, the guys suddenly became interested in vodka for himself. Where it is not only tried to treat - and of drug addiction, and mental hospital, even in the so-called traditional healers. All to no avail. A little more and the guy would turn into a « vegetable & raquo ;, peredozovany Medicine. He still remembers the life. It was like in a fog. His then state can be described in oneword - obsession. And in the center, he immediately felt an inner peace. Daily conversations with the residents of the center, who overcame a similar illness, religious instruction revived it.

According to many directors just such centers, heavy are the first two weeks. This is a period of constant breaking and extreme emotionsionalnoy instability. The children suffer, can not sleep, can not eat. We must constantly be beside them, to sustain. On average, six months is necessary for a positive result, although it depends on the individual. Of course, not all are cured. Often, it was such that one of the patients just escaped while walking. To refuseXia from the horror really need a great desire.

It seems the monastery

During the entire period of treatment the patient is prohibited to carry a cell phone, money, one to go beyond the center. Another feature - the person to ask for help was sent to a rehabilitation center, totory is farther from the place of residence. That is, all potential paths for contact with the last minimized. Also in the center is a clear division between male and female cells. Thus, the principle of full self-control and endurance. « Something like male and female monasteries & raquo ;.

Many of these centers live on blahphilanthropic contributions of the residents, their relatives and patrons. Sometimes receive partial support from the main cell in Kiev. Also, from time to time take up time to earn extra money - pasting ads wishing to help with the housework. However, working outside of the center is permitted only to those who passed the first, most difficult stage.

completely cure drug addiction is impossible, as a chronic disease. You can only heal. Drug therapy is effective in breaking. But the further the inner attitude depends on the patient. It is for psychological therapy, according to doctors, should be treated in rehabilitation centers.

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