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Who's the chef?

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< p style = "text-align: left;"> A lot of people have repeatedly asked how the work any food establishment. Everyone knows that the most important person in the room such as a kitchenazhdom restaurant is the chef. The man gives the green light for a new dish, and block any dish that would be considered a failure. The chef can say exactly what will create a specific menu of the restaurant, so it is not strange is the main person in the kitchen.

What are the issues decided chef?

The chef should be engaged in many important issues - first, he decides what will be uniform for every cook his team in the kitchen, and a meal will be cooked for breakfast from the chef and will include it in composition corona institution dishes that will try visiting people from all over the city.

What is a Luchshy chef?

- this is the chef who is able to combine the work of a good personnel manager,   business executive with experience and specialist chef, who will be able to continuously develop their skills and not afraid to make exotic experiments. The main objectives of a good chef is to create bettermenu where each dish is specified, and all of them will have to complement each other and create a single composition with a perfect taste.

Interesting facts

It is interesting to know that a man in the Navy as a chef called spinner. It is generally accepted with pleasure that this shefom is the only professional people, and for good reason. Speaking of home, yet often prepared in the kitchen woman. No one knows that the work of the chef always extort the maximum concentration and precision. It is clear that people in the position of chef generally has a much better chance to succeed, sweatweapons of mass destruction that man's psychology is inclined to the accuracy of thought.

The chef may also specialize and confectionery - then called his pastry chef. And all the beautiful pastries and cakes that go out of his hand, which hit the splendor because all men are not a secret to anyonetsya big sweet tooth. Cook technologist is responsible for organizing the procurement process specific food products places, so on his shoulders rests the task of distributed work processes between all worked as a cook on a particular cuisine. A chef-cook, in turn, is responsible for the preparation of their menu, its creative or proximitycorresponding to the selected traditions of the restaurant, and it was out of his hands, many people get the room ready and delicious dishes that with   happy to eat many of the guests of such institutions. Therefore, a good chef is a man who has a lot of experience, good taste and a big heart.

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