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Mexidol and its analogues

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Mexidol - a modern antioxidant drug. &Nbsp; Mexidol itself is an invariantfree radical inhibitor simple processes, membrane protectors. Has it antihypoxia, anti-stress, easy nootropic, anticonvulsant and anxiolytic great action.
Mexidol directly relates to the simple group of antioxidant modern drugs. Mexidol well it performs the functions membranoproteKtorov inhibitor and a unique process of free radicals unique.
Mexidol well as nootropic, anti-stress, unique   anticonvulsant and anxiolytic action. At the same time this drug is able to enhance the very good stability, and of course, the body's immunity to the unique actionTheological different contemporary factors that damage the health of all — such as acute ischemia and hypoxia, shock, great circulatory disorders in your brain, intoxication simple alcohol or modern antipsychotic drugs.

this modern drug Mexidol directly all of the following are preparand you. Any modern analog drug should always be appointed as a modern specialist.

Antifront. Indications for its use: large symptomatic treatment and the unique weather-alert states directly, as well as the states of dizziness and sleepiness big, fluctuations namesbut blood pressure and unhealthy general state of health, and all the headaches.

Glycine. Indications directly to its use: it is a decrease of efficiency of the brain, as well as during your exams in all conflict and stressful situations, even when any plain psycho-emotional stressesSRI. In addition, a unique   Glycine is shown directly in the functional and organic diseases of your nervous system, occurring against the background of increased excitability of all, breach of your sleep, and neuroses.

Instenon. Diseases your brain directly related to your agethey change; is insufficient blood circulation and all its consequences; postinsult great condition; All functional disorders of the brain and you — as a consequence of large — it yourself dizzy.

Cortexin. Indications for its unique use: traumatic brain injury are simple (inpart of it is an integrated treatment), bacterial, and all the latest viral neuroinfection all encephalopathy, simple encephalomyelitis, also a simple epilepsy and violation of your thinking and memory, reduced all the ability to just training, cerebral palsy that is, cerebral palsy, as well as a long delay psychomotor whole development yourchildren.

Meksifin. It is directly applied prophylactically just for simple intensive mental and physical stress of all, your asthenic states, and the syndrome of chronic fatigue high, and it is used to reduce the psychological heavy loads in all stressful situations.

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