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Why do I need to clean the face?

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Clean the body protects us from various diseases . Well, the qualitygovernmental cleansing will ensure our youth and beauty ... Of course, if the person cleaning performed by a qualified doctor.

- and this is the most important stage of skin care. This procedure allows you to get rid of sebaceous plugs, comedones, blackheads and remove the horny layer of the dermis. With this cosmeticallye means more actively penetrate the skin, so it is not surprising that before some sessions cosmetology doctor may do cleaning of the face. By the way, we can talk not only about her but also the neck or neck skin, because these areas are also in need of care.

What decides cleaning?

Bavnymi results of face cleaning include: immediate cleansing the face, reducing pores, moisturizing the dermis, improving the color and saturation of its oxygen activation of blood circulation, and, of course, the potentiation of cosmetic products (not just the cabin, but also the daily, which are applied in home).

What are thetypes of facial cleansing?

  1. The mechanical (manual or manual).   She holds a beautician own, with a special cloth. But she completely relieves the patient of blackheads, sebaceous plugs and, hence, acne. It's pretty deep, so that it can be carried out is not very often.
  2. Vacuum. It Apparatny method, and quite gentle. With such a cleaning person, a special pneumatic « sucker & raquo ;, it « suck » cork grease, dirt and dead skin cells. It's not as intense as the previous procedure, but it fits the delicate skin.
  3. Ultrasound. Another hardware procedure stimulates updovlenie skin, improves blood circulation and makes a fresh complexion. Absolutely safe cleaning.
  4. Laser. This method of cleaning the face opposite - the most radical. Face « & raquo ;, sand eels and other drawbacks « burned & raquo ;. Ironically, the rehabilitation after the session is not necessary - if the skin turns red and then for an hour or two.On the safety of the method has already said that laser cleaning to do even offer teens.
  5. Chemical. Do not confuse it with a chemical peel. Under the influence of the last old skin peels off from the face to its place naros new, healthy layer. Well, dry cleaning simply heats and softens the skin.
  6. Combination. ATof this procedure combined several methods of skin exposure. This can help a great way to clear one more intensively areas of the face and the other (soft) - only carefully processed.

Skin Care after the procedure

After cleaning the face beautician may recommendduring the day to refrain from using makeup to three days not wipe the face tonic or lotion with alcohol and be sure to use a moisturizer (but not greasy).


  1. Herpes;
  2. The inflamed pimples (pustules);
  3. Dermatitis;
  4. Eczema.


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