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Principles of coding on alcohol addicted

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In human life there are many problems insyacheskoy confusion. All people aspire to a happy life, and every day looking for the way to it. Each person, this process takes place at its own algorithm: someone realized through creativity, someone finds true happiness in the family circle, and someone got lost and turned somewhere not there. Of course, anything can happen in life, and our way of life sostoit, both wins, and with any luck. But it is quite logical and light way, the main thing to look for themselves in this life and the true meaning of its existence. But, unfortunately, not everything in life is as simple as you want and it is expected and, of course, there are lucky, that is accessible and easy to find the bluebird of happiness, but mostly, these people have notWell a lot. And when a person comes into despair and a dead end, then he can dive into illusory solutions, such as drown his pain in alcohol or gambling to kill, or to fall into a false state of exposure to drugs. What to do then? If a person was in an unfavorable phase of his life, then you should not runbe on my own and the existing problems in the head, and accept the challenge of destiny, to understand their problems and to start their own struggle that will solve all the problems in life.


Alcohol – it really is an attractive means to destroy their thoughts and feel like a free man, but the NAICnly truthful this state? Well, is it possible to become a happy man only in a short period? And you can be happy in the evening, but in the morning unhappy with the appearance of the effects of the ephemeral state? Perhaps the answer to these questions – a firm no.   A person who drinks, still immersed in his own deep « I» and he knows the real truth, which is trying to revive him. Common human mind in turbidity, but the inner voice is trying to sober drunkenness and return man to the right path. Of course, not always the man himself can cope with the problem of alcoholism with the help of strong will and unshakable decision, but the main – this awareness of the situation and trying to change it, but modern medicine and help people close to finally beat alcoholism.

How to fight against alcoholism

Well, when a man alone can give up alcohol and return to normal life, but unfortunately, it is a rarity. In an hourfifth of the human will is not enough and a person comes to the aid of medicine. Nowadays there are many ways to stop drinking and using rehabilitation techniques to restore the physical health of the drinker and his psychological state. Often, the alcoholic needs the help of a psychologist, because a person falls into alcoholism ulterior motive, and his claimodtalkivaet into this abyss many problems, injuries, pain and resolving the issue.

The coding from alcoholism

– a method of treatment of alcohol dependence, which is based on the principle of psychotherapeutic effects on the drinker, and solves the problem in a single session. The mechanism of its work concludechaetsya convinced drinker in danger of his life   after drinking alcohol, this effect is reinforced by medical intervention that causes a negative reaction to the state and the alcohol agent. Depending on the alcohol drinker and attachment stage of alcoholism, doctors distinguish stages of treatment. If the result is evident afterprimary intervention, treatment stops at the first stage. If this is not enough, then more serious measures are taken for treatment of alcoholism. Today there are many ways and methods of coding alcoholism, which are based on the following principles:

  • psihoterapicheskoe assistance;
  • farmakologicheskai aid;
  • instrumental intervention.

Methods of treatment with the help of coding are the following:

  • drug therapy (suturing, pills, injecting);
  • Psychotherapy (classical methods of Dovzhenko, Rozhnova copyrights or methods);
  • Hardware coding (laser treatment, convulsive therapy, etc.);
  • Hypnotherapy, etc.

The treatment of alcoholism is very individual, and only an experienced psychiatrist can establish the most effective treatment in the case of alcohol dependence, and taking into account the physical and moral condition of Thrights.


Alcoholism – it is a problem that should not be avoided and hide from prying deeper, because human life is very valuable, and alcoholic agents may kill a man, at the level of body and soul. Therefore, relatives and friends do not have to think about convictions or shame and only WaitThiers beloved and important person who can not live a full life in the constant influence of alcohol.

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