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Structure and working principle ice makers

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Ice machines are classified by type, and a method for producing ice. Ice proIt is found in two forms: generated (cubes, cylinders) and formless (flake, snow).

The form of ice depends on the design of the ice maker. Each consists of 2 parts: the engine room and offices for the production of ice.

Consider the design of the ice maker for the production of icein the form of cubes or cylinders. For the production of this type of ice in the icemaker used pulverized system - ice forms in a continuous spraying of water spray on the cooling surface of the evaporator, which has the shape of cups, which are turned upside down.

Vaporl consists of ledoform, which is soldered to a tubular coil. When the ice maker is working, the pump begins to pump water out of the bath is the collector. When passing through this nozzle, the water begins to spray out and into the cups, and on their inner surface, a layer of ice, which continually increases. Part coolingoh water flows into the tub and is pumped back into the reservoir.

After about 20-25 minutes of work icemaker in one of the modes of freezing ice using time relay solenoid valves are opened. Through valve hot Freon compressor discharge to the evaporator, and through the valve   - Warm water earlyinaet enter the sump, thus washing it. Cylinder cups ice melt, are separated from the form, falling on an inclined surface of the reservoir and through a curtain of falling into the bunker. Defrost cycle lasts less than 3 minutes, and after the time switch switches the icemaker work on a cycle of freezing ice, thus there is a disconnect electricnetic valve. The remaining water in the pan   evaporator flows through the hole into the tub starts. The water level therein should be maintained at a level not to be above the overflow pipe, and more precisely its upper end.

The design of the ice maker with the pulverization system is the most reliable andwith a minimum of moving parts.
Ice cubes are rounded weighing an average of 18 g of.

The lack of ice makers with ice pulverization system - the high sensitivity of the purity of the water.
When freezing water, salts contained in it, go into the water unfrozen tootorrhea increases their concentration. Increasing the salt concentration causes the formation of opaque ice clogging of nozzles and a sharp decline in performance icemaker. To prevent these phenomena in the ice maker is being replaced unfrozen water in the bath pump. The water in the bath is fed through the filter cleaning.

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