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Prostate Cancer Treatment

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A very important and it is very relevant for today is a simple question of. A decision on the treatment of qualitative adoptedIt discharges a direct reference to all the patient's age. Even if a man 65 or more years of the cancer simply goes beyond all the limits of the prostate gland unique and take big   measures just no sense. On a heavy date, mortality in this age is also quite high, and not from the prostate cancer.

If the current process has gone beyond all limits of the prostate gland, you just treat the patient without good is it to live no longer than three short years. All unique and currently known modern methods of treatment can be well represented as follows:

  • Targeted therapy is a modern and Kutchlic chemotherapy;
  • Hormone therapy is modern;
  • Brachytherapy and all beam quality techniques;
  • Surgical intervention today;
  • Who is the treatment of prostate cancer unique   Cancer is as painless as possible.

Targeted treatment and quality himioterapiya

The effect of all drugs directly focused on the inhibition of all growth of cancer cells. But the effect of this is simply not enough specificity so always affects all healthy cells and harmful to your body.

As a unique alternative to a simplechemotherapy, scientists have developed a well-targeted treatment of this tumor. This is a unique case, all the cancer cells are always subject to attack of highly specific monoclonal antibodies. This simple practice can also reduce all side effects to a minimum and just very much easier all cancer treatment painful Reprethe prostate.


The use of this particular set of high-quality hormone allows you to always stop or seriously slow down all the division of cancer cells. This unique type of treatment is most often used as it is support for surgical or radiation therapy, but Maugert also be used simply on their own.


The effect of X-ray and all other radioactive radiation itself always causes more fear of patients and many of their side effects. It is always connected with the fact that it is for large metastases always have asubjected to irradiation not only the entire tumor, but also all the surrounding tissues and all organs. In the case of a tumor, localized in the prostate itself, this unique method even less dangerous, but it is also not advisable.
In a simple modern medicine is always less risky developed unique methods of treatment:


It involves administering it through the rectum quality special needle through which directly into the prostate will be well introduced a simple isotope of iodine. Localization of a unique injection is calculated exactly. The action of all radioactive material just apply   on the cancer cells without nanOsya system any harm, even in the case of exposure to all the old methods.

ultrasound therapy

This is just point and unique impact of ultrasound on all tumor cells. It is proved also that all cancer cells are just completely destroyed under the influence of high frequency.


Modern All methods of treatment directly significantly reduce high risk of side effects, as well as their effectiveness, on the contrary, it becomes increasingly high.

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