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Prevention and treatment of drug abuse

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, which contains all the unique processes of medical care, rehabilitation, psychological across a large correction, and resocialization andMenno some modern patients is just the latest and the only way that allows the individual to return to a simple life in the big sovey society. It is always possible due to a very good creation of special conditions for quality rehabilitation center for people with drug and alcohol is more dependentestate and did not always get a good result in the qualitative fragmented approach is to overcome this current problem.

Drug abuse in our Ukraine - is one of the most modern and current problems of the big society, which is always easy to be overcome by the unique quality timeprocessing of special methods of good social care of all the dependencies.

The current scientific literature on all socio-pedagogical unique position directly resocialization treated as:

  1. good recovery of the identity of all its qualities, it is necessary for its normalof life in modern society;
  2. easy assimilation of new values, roles, and skills instead of his former;
  3. set of simple measures aimed directly at the easy recovery of the social status of the whole person, lost or failed as all the social skills, reorienting it tosocial and reference orientations of great personality is sure to include it in all new positive attitudes and even targeted as activities ».

The results of modern and good treatment of drug addicts (resocialization) according to doctors are:

  1. Parentingspine of his personality - a good mastery of socially important quality in a unique way to meet the needs, the formation of his responsibility for all their actions, the implementation of a simple choice in the controversial morality is relative to the whole situation;
  2. education of the whole person - it is necessary to master the uniquea system of knowledge about the whole of society, culture and science;
  3. the development of his abilities, providing a large modern self affirmation in society: the development of his abilities and characterizes the personality and simple originality;
  4. social, as well as all of his professional self-realization - By direct ittively clarify its large role in the micro and makrosotsiuma, the implementation of all its possibilities in their professional activities unique;


This is to overcome this big problem immediately possible thanks to a good understanding of the importance of passing a unique process resotsialization in the modern drug treatment center, since all such institutions, just relying on scientific approaches developed unique appropriate conditions enabling them to provide greater assistance to all drug addicts and their families.

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