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Prevention and treatment of adenoids in children

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Parents mistakenly think that you can buy some miracle pill that will result in increaseds to normal tonsils, adenoids rob. Conservative (non-surgical) no. If someone offers parents these drugs, it is not nothing but a business.

Is that when the adenoids have allergic origin, in the case of antiallergic agents help reduce allergic swelling hellnoidnoy tissue.

enlarged adenoids have virtually all the children because it is not possible to visiting a city garden or school, do not get sick of viral diseases. But not all of them increase to a point where they need to be removed. Adenoiditis severity in children is often directly related to the severity of the viral infection. The moreconcentration of viruses in the air, the worse the air parameters (dry, it contains a lot of powder), the greater the load on a system of local immunity, mucous membrane. Therefore, parents should do their best to infection in children is very rarely encountered.

And for this purpose should be:

  1. Ensure that children are not peresyhali mucous membranes, constantly moisturize them. The solution may be formulated to: 1 h. L. salt dissolved in 1 liter of boiled water, pour into any bottle-pshikavku. Or use a ready solution: akvamaris, Humer, Marimer, nosol etc.
  2. Follow the optimal parameters of air temperature - 20 ° C, humidity - 5070%. As often as possible wash the floor. Strive to adhere to these parameters of air in kindergartens and schools where your children go.
  3. Most Ventilate the room (for 5 minutes each hour).
  4. Most children walk in the fresh air: let the child run, jump, move actively.
  5. Encourage children to engage in sportsfresh air.

When surgery can not be avoided …

The adenoids usually grows rapidly to 6 years, very rarely - to 7-8.   Children under 3 years do not operate because the adenoids can grow back - lymphoid tissue has the ability to grow. However, there are cases when the operation is inevitable. Est indications for which surgery is required, then should not the question arises: to operate or not. That is, if a child is absent nasal breathing, which is why it is not getting enough sleep, snoring in his sleep, stops breathing; when there are frequent recurrent otitis, because quite often overlap adenoidsauditory tube. If a child « adenoid face & raquo ;, then there does not matter how old she is, how she feels - definitely need to remove the adenoids. I want to reassure parents after surgery in children in the future there will be no negative effects, except that the child is free to breathe through the nose and less sick viral Zabolevtions.

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