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car air - it is not even a very big luxury but a common and very much, very convenient equipment ency-ac car. Of course, just no air conditioning in your car and it is possible to do, but now no one will deny that his unique presence makes your trip in the car in very hot weather is much more comfortable than without it. In addition to maintaining the quality of the room temperature, a car air-conditioningner cleans the air from all foreign smells and it reduces its humidity. It works very similar to a unique system of a conventional refrigerator is working, he always dressed with special grease and high-quality freon. Car good conditioner is always sufficiently complex and closed airtight systemshave.

Common Problems of car air conditioners and quality service

In a simple operation, it is the tightness of the entire air-conditioning system of a modern car can simply be violated. It always leads to the ingress of simple water and air, as well as a negative impact on selfFirst the air conditioner and it reduces its durability. So, just to make your car air conditioning worked for a long time and just fine, it must always be operated properly and carefully, just in time to spend the whole diagnosis, repair and refueling.

Timely quality wireERKA always allow time to detect all the faults of the system and even prevent more serious consequences of this unique bad fault. Usually, all it is recommended to carry out diagnostics of the automobile air conditioner not less than once a year, it is advisable to do it in the spring, after the winter your car air conditioner simply AppThe user, and a very long simple may well affect its timely repair. Regular entire automotive diagnostics of your air conditioner makes it prevent the occurrence of serious damage and it is good to save not only the money but also your nerves. Diagnosis, quality cleaning and refueling directlyof car should always be carried out exclusively by professionals who have a very great experience it with the different types of modern air conditioning.

All car air conditioners simply periodically refilled. It is always conditioned by the fact that its connectors are in the   Carx conditioners simply threaded and are unique with rubber seals, unlike all welded in a simple domestic refrigerator. At the slightest exposure to vibration, temperature changes of all, always   there is a gradual change in its sealing properties, whereby all of the Freon system simply evaporates gradually. RememberWhat really needs to be done only at the quality of technology and modern equipment, it is recommended by the manufacturer of system component, since the wrong conditioner refill faces quite expensive repairs in the future.

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