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Choosing cosmetics aftershave

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The vast majority of people on our planet have on your body differentscalp, which remains, in fact, in a state of continuous growth. It is law-governed necessity of its periodic pruning to give comfort to a person long. Often it concerns the hair on the head and hair. But everything else can be traced certain sexual difference: if women are more likely deleteie hair on the legs, the men most prominent area is the person. Speaking of the latter, any man of a certain age faces the need to shave, which also is almost the only so-called beauty procedure recognized by almost every man. In this case we otodvinu the second plan all religious or national traditions, prescribing a man to wear a beard.

What is the shaving?

Looking, so to speak, in the root of the matter, in its very essence, shaving is not only or not so much a simple periodic removal of hair on the face. In contrast to the hair on the head, length compensation kotoryh usually affects only the hair itself, in the case of shaving has to deal with a more complex process, in which in addition to the removal of the surface of the hair, there is also removal of the top layer of skin. Contact with a sharp blade results in that the surface of the skin irritation can occur foci. This process is dependenton the type of skin may appear more or less clearly, but mostly it certainly depends on two factors:

  • the quality of tools. It is as a lubricant (gel, foam, cream, etc.), as well as the main instrument - a machine for shaving naprmier such as;
  • the quality of after-shave cosmetics.

Why cosmeticsafter shaving?

Most of the men in the process of paying much more attention to the choice of tools and lubricants (creams, gels, foams), sometimes virtually ignoring such components as cosmetics aftershave and I must say very vain . Whatever it was not effective lubrication, and no matter how cutting-edge it would not be crawledWie, these components reduce trauma to the skin to minimize, but not eliminate it altogether. In order to accelerate the healing process and regeneration of the skin and need to use special tools, which, moreover, protect and soothe the shaved areas.

How to choose cosmetics like?

Considering andzlozhennye above thoughts, it can be concluded that the tool after shave should take into account a lot of factors, and this naturally gives rise to its considerable diversity. It's not only in the form, the structure of cosmetics. Lotions, creams, gels, etc. variously applied and absorbed, but more important is their composition and its operation nand skin. When choosing this type of cosmetics is necessary to consider the following:

  1. release form (gel, cream, lotion, foam, soap). This factor affects the process of applying and absorbing agents.
  2. Type the skin. This factor is largely decisive, because different skin types react differently to the process of shavingAnd therefore require a combination of various components in the protective cosmetics.
  3. The scent. This factor is dictated more modern fashion trends and has no practical effect on the barrier properties, though not hide from fashion.
  4. Price. This factor indirectly affect the activity of cosmetics, because it allows you to choose tovadistrict more or less high quality.

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