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The question is ambiguous. Millions of people today are not satisfied with just the simple answer to it. You will be surprisedBut otherwise simply can not be! There are 6 of the most basic types unique leather, and a great need for each of these types, plus all of the individual - very much. And plus all metabolic, climate, modern social features. Even two or three, even five cosmetic all lines is not possible simply to cover all. According to UNIQAflax According to many experts, the best modern cosmetics for the face - is the one that is right for you -.

In our large network published the ratings of cosmetics, you can always rely on the unique data in the selection easy   category or the level at which you simply choose for themselves KosmetKy.

All the unique makeup conventionally divided into three levels:

  • massive, cheap;
  • Medium;
  • High, is the most expensive (deluxe or premium and elite).

There is the new intermediate higher than the simple average, the level - it yourselfcosmeceuticals, which is actively gaining its momentum. Before you decide which is best for your cosmetics, you decide directly with its price category, that is, how much you're willing to just simply spend.

The principles and categories

Main all the principles dividing them into categories - priceand quality directly. Let you remember that just defines them? The price is always the sum of the cost of all incoming ingredients, processing costs, packaging costs, all the costs of trade unique network, and of course, the cost of advertising. In a simple low-cost production of its original raw material it is also very cheap, that is, the lowestOn the quality (grade), its active substances are contained there in very small quantities, is also very simple technology and its packaging. As a result, we can understand, on what kind of result we can expect. Although such products have all the modern right to exist, because it is people with low incomes, and only she is always available.
Well, even that all the safety requirements and the absence of toxic substances that apply specifically to any cosmetics, even very cheap. For this simple reason of any category of products should be wary of fakes, and the last period of her life. Security - this is just one of the attributes of quality.
Main ency-mennye quality indicators of the good cosmetics for your face:

  • resistance and its homogeneity (uniformity) of the entire structure,
  • the positive organoleptic (color, smell) of its property,
  • all natural (fat, simple tack, shine, water absorption) of its property,
  • it hypoallergenic properties.

So what, that's the best cosmetics for your face?

It is best is the one that contains high-quality substances that stimulate the production of all its own unique collagen throughout our skin. An example of such substances are simple extracts of Echinacea, unique Rhodiola rosea and marine qualityalgae, shea butter is good, and even olive oil.

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