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Chinese Pu-erh teas

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Most of us like to drink tea, especially in cold weather. It tones and warm, adding humor and strength. Meanwhile, most of the packomyanutogo most unlikely to guess about the species diversity of tea, clearly highlighting its two kinds: black (through advertising associated, for some reason, only India and Ceylon) and green (in turn, is associated for the same reason, marketing and China). This general classification hardly classification as such, as in one Kitae grows and produced a huge number of types of tea.

What is tea?

The well-known to all of us drink tea brewed becomes so because of growing, harvesting and preparing the leaves of the tea tree. In fact, it is from this plant varieties, as well as its post-harvest handling, and dependswhat would be the tea. Mentioned earlier classification of teas to black and green is incomplete. The fact that "color" tea depends on what he underwent oxidation during processing. As a result, we have a whole gradation of teas from green (low degree of oxidation) to black (strong oxidation). This gap fit white and yellow tea, as wellthe oolong and pu-erh. In fact the last, and I would like to talk in more detail in this article. Buy Shu Pu-erh tea can be in a trading network "Teahouse":, which in Ukraine is one of the leaders in the supply and sale of tea. It's a family affair, so on the face of a culture and tradition, which is very in tune with tea at all.

What is Puer?

Puer in Chinese means "black tea". Strictly speaking, this type of tea is completely and entirely possible to consider not just the Chinese, and the Chinese, and regional, as it grows, and is produced exclusively in the southern provinces of China - Yunnan. Ready Pu-erh teas are postfermentirovanogo type. This means that after the collection procedure and the oxidation to the level of green tea, the process of fermentation. Depending on the manner in which this process takes place, all the Pu-erh can be roughly divided into two main groups:

  1. Sheng Puer . It is a green or, as it is called, crude tea. Danny leaf tea is fermented in a natural way, i.e. vylezhivaetsya for several years without any further processing. A feature of this tea is that the degree of oxidation with age may vary considerably (from a few percent in the initial stage up to several tens of percent by prolonged storage). SootvetsTwain, this results in a brew, that is, drink a radically different aroma and taste.
  2. Shu Puer . It is puer, which after oxidation is in the process of so-called accelerated or artificial fermentation. It takes place under conditions of elevated temperature and humidity. For Shu Puer tea is characterized by a constant (Unlike Sheng pu-erh) and a rather high degree of oxidation, which is guaranteed by grade tea tree as well as the process of oxidation.

Features teas Puer

As one of the age-old Chinese teas, Pu-erh has every reason to be somewhat ceremonial, that is, its preparation (in smyAfter the finished drink) should take place in a certain sequence. For its correct welding necessarily requires boiling water and clay container - only this combination provides maximum disclosure of taste and aroma. As a result of the fermentation, the tea loses most antioxidant properties, however, it is very useful for normalizationof the digestive function, reduce cholesterol and regulate blood pressure levels.

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