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Gestalt therapy in Kiev

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No one, even the man himself is no doubt thatthe fact that humanity is the dominant species on the planet. The level of development that we have achieved in its history, made possible by the special structure of the psyche, predisposes to creativity and self-development. Looking at the man early XXI century, it is difficult to imagine such a thing, which he does not know. They certainly do not haveon there, and a lot of them, for example, the depth of the world ocean, the depths of the earth, the cosmos, etc. But what is even more surprising, we know very little about the possibilities of our psyche - the very predispose them.

What is the psyche and psychotherapy?

From the point of view of science, especially philosophy, meditsins and, of course, the psychology, the concept of psyche is complex and controversial. That is, each of the sciences can perceive it differently, and therefore the understanding of the term will be different. Psyche represents a particular facet of life of the human body, which reflects the reality of the human environment and makes the process of registrationulirovaniya perception of this reality. And this is where the arena goes another term - "psychotherapy". This kind of system effects on the human body, in order to correct or eliminate various mental barriers to a healthy body.

"Treatment" in this case there was not in vain, because if absolutelyie most of us have no idea how to construct and operate his mind, and the various situations that arise, we are not perceived in terms of logic and common sense, and how it goes. Therefore, on this soil easily develop related mental health problems. This, of course, not talking about mental illness, ordisorders. In this case, we can talk about concepts such as depression, stress, various fears, etc. For the modern man with his high dynamics of life, it is the same normal thing, for autumn rain. And here is often indispensable assistance of a qualified therapist who through personal contact, the use of RAzlichnyh behavioral, cognitive and other measures contributes to the solution of existing emotional, social, personal and other problems.

What is Gestalt therapy?

Psychotherapy is developing as a science, and nothing surprising in the fact that it appears there is a new industry. Such can be considered Gestalttherapy, which in Kiev practicing psychotherapist Elena Mitin. Learn more about this matter and get advice can be turned on its official website -. That method of psychotherapy that practitioner Ms. Mitin, was first used in practice (or rather developed its methodological bases) in the middle of the last century due to havesiliyam Fritz and Laura Perls. The goal of Gestalt therapy, was and is still the development of human consciousness, the expansion of its scope. At the same time, unlike psychoanalysis, where the practice as a psychotherapist should be a passive observer of what is happening in the Gestalt method specialist contrary it is the most active participant. Number of conconsultations that are necessary to solve specific problems in each case is determined individually and is held in the short-, medium- and long-term format.

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