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Secret shallow breathing

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In order to radiate beauty and have visual appeal and patents, you must first have a crepkoe health. Fortunately, a healthy lifestyle has become fashionable through the vast number of young men and women rushed headlong into recovery, without thinking about what approach it should be more responsible. If you decide to join the number of the testator of a healthy lifestyle, then you first need to spendand a thorough analysis of the factors that affect health. But, do not expect instant health. As a rule, a positive result may be the only people who really want it.

The breath - is a process that affects all the work of the human body. Breathing can byt different: equally, often relaxed or acceleration. And, most interestingly, despite the importance of respiratory health of our body, hardly anyone of us pays attention to it. In the opinion of the majority of us, if breathing - is a natural process, and the control should not be. And this is a serious error.

Meanwhile, in the opinion of experts, with the help of different breathing exercises you can control the operation of all systems and organs, and even get rid of many chronic diseases. Now in the world there are a large number of specific institutions where they teach proper breathing. Some experts say are the benefitsdeep breathing Others argue that shallow breathing effect on the body much better. One way or another, but they are all in their own right. The fact that each method has its advantages respiration.

Deep breathing – shortcomings

If you rely on the work of Buteyko, the deep breathing can beIt is the source of some diseases. If breathing is too deep, the light can oversaturate peroxidation that may cause dysfunction of some organs and systems. In particular, the glut of peroxidation may adversely affect many processes. In such cases, the body is forced to include a protective mechanism, resulting inWhat negative consequences do not make long to wait.

What is the Buteyko breathing for?

, for his method of breathing exercises at the base has in mind the principle of adequacy. Norm accepted when the breathing process involves not only oxygen, but also carbon dioxide. Insufficient or excessto one or another component of the breathing lead to a breach of certain processes in the body.

Gas exchange is saved only at the surface breathing because the lungs get all the necessary materials in abundance. If you regularly use a method of Buteyko, it is possible to achieve the full participation of carbon dioxide in the breathing process, but the trackovatelno and metabolism.

Despite the ones that carbon dioxide is considered to be harmful and sufficient, it is necessary for the proper operation of the whole system. In turn, the excess carbon dioxide can also be displayed and only negatively.

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