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Water - a source of energy and health

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In today's world, people have got in a rather complicated, we can say very harsh living conditions. The fact that all writers -science fiction of the twentieth century could only dream of in the most terrible dream, and reflected only in their works to the present day modern man it is ruthless reality. But the person threatened is not scary aliens, with some unidentified planets, and viruses as well as bacteria that create and progressive disease. TheseMost microorganisms live everywhere, and not the exception, even the water we drink.

More literally thirty or forty   years ago, all the campers, without even thinking,   reveled in the drinking water, which flowed in streams in special drinking fountains in all the streets of the resort towns. And today,such negligence may seem the stuff of « incredible & raquo ;, and « fi & raquo ;. After all, you probably noticed that in many public places may face drinking bottles that contain it purified water. And the water is safe and full of variety, very necessary, anduseful substances for the human body. When there have been changes in the industry (increased growth of emissions of various kinds of wastes) has increased and, of course hardened clean drinking water is due to chemical elements, whose main goal - to reduce the infection rate of intestinal infections.

Still, , every coins, as is well known, has two sides. Of course, the risk is greatly reduced, but also benefits the body by drinking this water can not be added. Many beneficial micro-organisms that live in water, destroyed during the   Global water purification without using that absolutely can not do in terms of modernity. This situation   It seems dark and darkens at first glance, but the yield of   It is - an additional filtering. And we are talking about the so-called water filters. This method of water filtration has the cheapest and not time consuming way of making the water that comes into our homes suitable for drinking. It will be quite useful for those people whoe want to make their lives healthier and safer.

The water we get from the sky - and she falls to the ground, and then filtered through her, sent to the ponds, filled with all the energy of light, as well as minerals that are required for a healthy life of the human body. When we use water, which contains   useful items, and the energy of the earth are absorbed into our bodies, and it is   converted into human energy, and proceeds reverse process - in the ground, as well as ponds, where it evaporates and travels back   in the sky, thus closing the natural cycle. Fabulously difficult snowflakes beauty   It demonstrates integrity, and this cycle is best.

Yet, bottled natural water is by far the only one in fact pretty fast flourishing industrial pollution and deforestation, making it unfit for consumption. for the population (which is drinking water) - one of the priorities in the work of the head of the company "Rayske Dzherelo". This collective edinmyshlenniCove for more than 10 years of fruitful work hard to make every person in the country had access to high-quality and safe drinking water.

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