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Cocktails - addition to sports loads

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The process of weight loss - a laborious but effective task orderWho ever decided to get rid of the extra kilos and maintain the tone of the body at a high level. A perfect complement to the sports stress and diet have cocktails for weight reduction. The advantage of such drinks appreciated by many: ease of preparation, a huge selection of ready-mix, a large number of nutrients and a variety of flavors. You decor use of cocktails in the fight against obesity? Then you need to know valuable information about the securities and delicious assistants.

How does a cocktail on the body?

Before the selection of cocktails for weight loss, it is important to know the principle of operation of such beverages. Due to its composition, they reduce upPetite, nourish the body, it gives strength and energy. Almost every beverage can replace one full meal a day, and you get the same amount of nutrients, but eat fewer calories.

Another feature of these beverages is their diversity. You can not just self parkingbut to prepare a magical drink, but also to buy the powder in the pharmacy or specialized stores. What is the difference between them?

  • of vegetables, fruit and dairy products are distinguished by their naturalness and lack of unnecessary additives. You will be assured of natural ingredients as self-prepared cocktails for weight reductiona. Huge selection of recipes will allow you to choose not only a healthy drink for the body, but also to find the most delicious. Of course, such cocktails do not saturate the body with the necessary amount of protein in the case of active sports, they only help to reduce appetite and reduce calorie intake.
  • Professional mixture madespecifically for weight loss, have in their composition have a whey protein or fat burning agents. In addition to these components in each mixture you will find amino acids, balanced amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Lose weight with the help of professional cocktail is usually easier than using a home. However, you should know exactly what dosage andThe possible consequences of regular use.

No matter what shakes for weight loss you're going to eat, you should consult with a dietitian or in extreme cases with a personal trainer.

The taste and color ... choose a cocktail!

proceed to importantNation parts - selection of cocktails. Before you make a choice, remember that there is no need zadumyvatsya on the use of one type of cocktail. Experiment and you will find an effective drink for myself.

The protein mixture . The name sayst for itself: the main component - a protein. Such mixtures can be purchased in a pharmacy in powder form, which must be filled with milk or yoghurt. Nutritionists recommend replacing glass Cocktails one of the meals, dinner is better, because in the evening metabolism slows down. However, if you expect that the protein shakes forweight loss help you lose weight without any extra effort, you're wrong. The main objective of these drinks - reducing hunger, but not burning fat. You will begin to eat less food and hold your weight is normal.

Protein shakes (mineral) . If you decide to go in for sports and diet, you are vital to such mixtures. But the fact that during training you burn a lot of energy, which should be restored by food intake. So how do you stick to the diet, many valuable substances simply fall into your body. Therefore,consuming protein shakes for weight loss, you will support the body at the proper level, burning fat and increasing muscle mass.

Only those cocktails impossible to prepare yourself, because they contain special ingredients which are found in vegetables or fruit simply can not be. Such components kato L-carnitine, chromium pikolint synthesized under special conditions and are added to the powder mixture. Do not worry, they are absolutely safe for the body with the correct use of beverages. Depending on your training program and loads the recommended amount of mineral cocktails can be up to five cups a day. But self parkingnoe assignment amount of the mixture can lead to undesirable consequences - consult a specialist.

As for the homemade cocktail, you are not limited in the choice of products. Home proportioning and use really proven ingredients. For example, except for vegetables, fruitsand dairy ingredients helps reduce appetite ginger, cinnamon and red pepper. As an additional power supply for the body fit strip - fruit and vegetable drinks, they help speed up the process of losing weight. But it is important to respect the principle - no salt, sugar and heavy cream.

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